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10 Wonderful Workout Hairstyles You Must Try

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Update time : 2023-03-24 12:33:09

Not everyone has the time to wash, blow dry, and style their hair after a workout, which is why it's so important to find a hairstyle that is suitable for wearing both while sweating and after. Maintaining your hairstyle while staying in shape can be a challenge, are you looking for a workout hairstyle that matches your natural hair texture? Keep reading to check out these 10 workout hairstyles worth working out at the gym. In addition to keeping your hair, it also looks very stylish.

1. High Ponytail For Long Hair

High ponytail for long hair

Those with long hair may usually wear it in a classic ponytail or bun while exercising. The high ponytail is a true classic that can work its magic whether it's on the treadmill or on the red carpet, as many celebrities have proven. If you lack the right amount and length, you can always apply for clip-on wraparound ponytail extensions. You can also divide your ponytail into three strands and braided it tightly until it reaches the ends, then tie it up with straps. If you want to spruce up a classic high ponytail, try a bubble ponytail. Not only will you look stylish, but this look is also really easy to create and will keep your hair in place.

2. Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk hairstyle

While working out at the gym, a Mohawk hairstyle can keep your hair strands fashion-safe. You only need to apply a small amount of mimosa hair honey to the sides of your hair. Brush your hair toward the center of your head and hold it in place. This style will prevent flying hair, frizz, and loose strands of your hair. This is a great haircut when lifting weights and strength training because it allows you to focus without losing motivation.

3. Space Buns Style

Space buns style

Do you want to give your workout look a little 90s flair? Then I can't help but recommend the space bun. Whether you wear them high or low, the space bun hairstyle will be your best choice.

4. Double French Braids Hairstyle

Double French braids hairstyle

Whether it's a light jog or an intense cardio workout, a simple double French braids hairstyle will suit all your purposes. You must have seen the double French braids hairstyle all the time on the Internet, and it's great for taming thick hair before hitting the gym. This hairstyle is best if you go to strenuous sports or play any sport.

5. Short Straight Bob

Short straight bob

The short bob haircut is always one of the best fitness styles for short hair. If you're blessed with thin, straight hair, get a chin-length bob hairstyle to keep it loose during exercise. You can also tuck it behind your ears and use clips and sweatbands to keep your hair in your face.

6. Side Braid Haircut

Side braid haircut

Side braids are preferred when working out because they allow your strands to be braided together and held in place with a headband. It also helps prevent tangling or knotting, which often goes hand in hand with exercise. While the definition of curls is not necessary, you can add moisture to your strands with leave-in conditioners.

7. Gym Bun

Gym bun

Similar to a bun, the gym bun hairstyle allows you to keep your hair completely out of your face during a workout, with zero hair hanging down. If you prefer a more lustrous appearance, you can try the gym bun. Smooth your hair while scooping it onto your head and then spray on the volumizing light hair gel before tying it into a ponytail and twisting it into a neat bun.

8. Hair Bow Ponytail

Hair bow ponytail

Managing super-long hair while exercising can be a hassle. This unique ponytail is one of the best workout hairstyles for long hair. Create that beautiful bow by turning and folding your hair so that it becomes a shorter ponytail.

9. Slicked-Back Low Bun

Slicked-back low bun

Low buns are one of the most eye-catching workout hairstyles. This simple option keeps your hair on the back of your neck without needing to touch it up when you sweat. Apply a small amount of hairspray to your hair and comb your hair back. Tie your hair into a low ponytail and wrap the length of your hair around the roots to create a bun. This is perfect for weight training, yoga, and basically any workout you can think of.

10. Tight High Braid

Tight high braid

The tight high braids are stylish and sprint-proof. That's why it has long been appreciated as a great workout hairstyle.


After reading this article, you must have a clear idea of what kind of workout hairstyles you should choose. By the way, simply wearing a sweat towel before exercising can reduce the amount of sweat your hair absorbs, eliminating scalp buildup that can affect the appearance of your hair. It can also help keep your head cool and dry while you exercise.

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