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5 Deep Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid For Healthier Hair

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Update time : 2023-03-29 12:04:22

Deep conditioning is a great way to nourish the hair, moisturize the hair, protect the hair, so it's important to avoid certain mistakes that you can get the most out of these treatments. So in this guide, we’re sharing 5 common deep conditioning mistakes to avoid.

5 Deep Conditioning Mistakes for Hair & How To Fix 

Avoid these deep conditioning mistakes for healthier hair!

1. Not using enough product

This will be really important because the longer your hair, the thicker your hair, the more product your hair is going to need, because your hair needs to be saturated in this formula for you to see the results that the product is claiming that it does. If you are going to deep condition your hair, definitely do it in sections because it's going to help to ensure that all of your strands are properly saturated, don't be afraid to use as much product as you need for your hair.

2. Not deep conditioning often

The second mistake is not deep conditioning often. You shouldn't have to do that once a month or once every two months, outside of that it's okay for you to use on a weekly basis if your hair needs.

3. Leaving deep conditioners in for a long time

Just follow the instructions on the jar or the bottle, if it says leave it for 10 minutes, 10 minutes. If it says 25 minutes, 25 minutes. Because typically the time that you see on the directions are tied to the science of that formulation, so you don't have to have the product in your hair for 2 hours, 3 hours, it is not necessary. But if you want to enhance it, add some steam to it, but stick within that time frame you should be good to come.

4. Not rinsing the product out completely

Some people have been guilty of this especially with thick formulation, sometimes may miss a spot or a two. The issue with that is that this can affect the style that we intend to do, there's nothing like when you wear like a nicely bun but you can't if you got like some leftover conditional residue, you gotta get back in the shower, rinse it off. So just make sure you get it one and done in the shower, rinse it out completely, then also avoid product buildup especially on the scalp. So make sure that when you are deep conditioning your hair and even with a conditioner, make sure that you are rinsing it out completely before you get out of the shower.

5. Not following up with a leave-in conditioner

This more so with new people who are starting off on their hair care regimen a leave-in conditioner is designed a course to moisturize the hair, but it helps to prep the hair for your style. So you never just want to like rinse a deep conditioner off and immediately start to do a braid out or twist out, you want that extra moisturization that extra softness, that extra styling aid to help to lock in that moisture, but to also give you some beautiful curls or right outs or twist outs or whatever you decide to do after your wash day. So definitely always follow up with the leaving conditioner to give your hair that extra nourishment protection and moisturization.

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