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5 Different Ways to Install Weave for Beautiful Hair

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Update time : 2022-07-21 10:33:46

1. Sew


Sewing is a safer style. Keep the weaves in place until you are ready to take them out. To prepare for this style, you need a needle and a thread, and your hair needs to be braided. The two most common knitting patterns of sewing methods are round or straight back.

The required weaving pattern usually depends on how you want the extension to be placed or the position of the part. You need to consult the person who is sewing your hair so that they can best guide you.

Once you have all knitted, you will need needles and threads. Thread the thread through the needle and knot it to fix the thread in place first. Then, starting from either side of the back, start threading the needle through the braiding, then pull out the thread all the way, and repeat.

In this method, the thread locks the track to the braided layer, so it is very strong. Besides, this method is easy to delete! All you did was cut off the thread!

sew hair

2. Glue


Legal glue is the simplest and fastest one! But it may be the most destructive, and it all depends on the installation of sewing into weave. You can apply one of these two methods.

The first method is to weave or let go of natural hair, and then put a weave hat on your head. The hat acts as a barrier between hair and glue. Measure the required track for each layer, glue it, and then apply pressure to the head. This style is often called "quick weave", and we can understand why!

3. Crochet


First, use a crochet to weave the hair back directly. If you want some hair or curly hair, I suggest this style, because compared with the possibility of straight hair, the visible appearance of the coil will not show.

Next, thread the needle through the braid, open the latch on the needle, add hair, close the latch, and viola! All done! Unless you are a person who really doesn't want to do hair, this is your way! You can sit down and watch your favorite movies all the time, cycle and pull, just cycle and pull!

crochet hair

4. Clip-ins


Usually, people want to add some extra length to their hair, and they will use the hair that has been worn on the track with clips attached. It's really fast. Clips are also the newest and greatest thing in the world of natural hair.

High school students and children wear the cutest clips! Even celebrities will use it, which is exactly their name, clip. When installing, just separate the hair where you want to expand it, and then clip it on your scalp like combing your hair.

For example, let's say you're wearing a braid of natural hair and want a complete look, then the clip is very suitable for use. You don't even need to add a lot of things, maybe just add two or three clips around some parts of your head to make you look more complete.

clip-ins hair

5. Micro-links


Micro-linking is a tedious installation method, which may take three to four hours to complete. It needs a specially trained hairdresser to install it.

For micro-links, you must have a clamping tool to install the extension. Micro-link is a cycle, which applies to every hair of your hair. Your natural hair goes through the loop and then extends through the next one. Every time the hair passes through the ring, clip it in to fix the part. After installation, you can treat it almost like yourself. Of course, assuming that the hair is 100% virgin, you will be able to wash, cut, style, and dye it.

Ensure that you have this hair for a long time! This method will ensure a seamless and natural appearance so that others won't wonder if it's your hair!


Micro-links hair

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