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1.   Big, big, big


The bigger the party, the bigger the hair. That’s our rule, and maybe it should be yours. Don’t be afraid to stand out! Lots of volume will make you the star of the show. 


2.   White-blond curls


We can’t help it: when there's snow on the ground, there’s something extra magical about lightening your hair, mirroring the frost on the ground with a halo of light curls. Luckily you don’t have to use bleach or dye and risk damaging your natural hair to make this happen.


3.   Slicked-back pouf


Does anyone else get tired of pushing their hair out of their face when they’re getting down on the dance floor? Want the glamor of big hair…without hair everywhere? This style offers everyone the best of both worlds. This style looks great with long or short hair, but make sure you’re working with plenty of volume. 

4.   The Half-Up Do


This is probably our favorite, simple style to show off cascading, long hair, and it’s always a showstopper. This looks gorgeous with a short bob, too, but with long locks there’s so much more to show off.

5.   The ‘Fro-Hawk


The fro-hawk is arguably our favorite, truly new style we’ve noticed in recent years, and with it, you’re likely to stand out. 

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