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5 Pro Tips for better Eyelash Extension Retention

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Author : Travo
Update time : 2022-09-03 14:03:54

1.Environment:Confirm all room temperature and humidity levels match glue manufacturer recommendations. If the room is too warm the lash glue will get goopy and dry extremely fast. Too much humidity can cause the same issues as well.

2.Glue Love:Shake, Shake, Shake until you can't shake no more. The good stuff is at the bottom of the bottle. Most of the ingredients that make the glue dry fast and solid tend to settle to the bottom of the bottle. Use an electronic shaker for best results.

3.Clean, Prep, Place:Clean lashes with lash foam, then prep with a lash primer, and place with lash base completely in contact with lash. Thorough cleaning is an absolute must for a proper bond and long retention. 

4.Sealer: Seal the lashes with a sealant to protect from the elements that wreck lash glue. The clients can apply a sealer every 2-3 days to help protect their lashes.  These sealants will slow down the deterioration of the lash glue and help with long retention.

5.Educate: Teach the client how to take care of their lashes, they are usually the biggest culprit of retention issues. The best retention comes from client education.  Once you have done everything you can to help with retention, its now in their hands!

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