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6 Steps to Shine Hair - How to Get Shiny Hair Without Wearing Wigs

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Update time : 2023-05-29 16:09:48

This is the key to getting hair so shiny and healthy that it looks like glass. You are going to be walking down the street and people are going to need to put their sunglasses on because your hair is so shiny. Today, we’re going to walk you through 6 simple steps for getting hair so shiny that it looks like glass without wearing.

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6 Steps to Get Shiny Hair 2023 

What it is that you struggle with the most when it comes to smoothing out your hair. Are you someone that spins your hair out a lot? Do you find it hard to keep it smooth during humidity? Do you find it hard to keep it smooth for multiple days? Do you find your roots get too oily? What is it that you struggle with when smoothing out your hair? Check these steps for helping your hair become shiny. 

1. Clarify

The first step is to cleanse and clarify your hair super well. Make sure when you're washing your hair that you parted in the back and you get that shampoo into every part of the head. The nape and the middle of the back of the head are often forgotten. And you can get a lot of product and oil buildup in those areas thoroughly rinse every section and repeat the shampoo process again. If you feel like you need a deeper cleanse, if you only wash your hair twice a week or so, then you definitely want to do two shampoos every single time you wash. 

2. Treat 

Treat healthy hair comes from within, and in order to get a radiant shine, nourishing the hair is super important. Korean beauty products are what it's all about right now. They have established a reputation as one of the most trustworthy categories in the beauty space because of how innovative their formulations are. Using hair products from the Perfect Hair Fill Up. This is an intense hair treatment that has quite a reputation online. This treatment product is amazing. You want to pour this product into a bowl and mix it with equal parts cold water, the watery texture will instantly turn into a frothy cream. You can either get it in these portable ampoules or in a more economical bottle. If you really love it, get the bottle. But if you want to try it out, start with the ampoules and see what you think. Then let it do its job. After fully rinse it away and towel dry the hair. 

3. Prep 

The next step is to prep for heat styling. Use the Keratin Power Glue. It’s super convenient to use. It does a lot of things in one little bottle. The snail mucin in the product works to strengthen and coat the hair with that extra heat protection. The keratin in it helps bring the protein back to hair that has been damaged by chemicals and heat, and the collagen and moringa seed oil gives you that extra shine and smoothness. It is the perfect leave-in product for repair, hydration and a silky smooth end result that doesn't feel heavy. 

Right after that, spray in thermal protection spray as one extra layer of protection. This is a really nice, it’s super lightweight. So use that when the hair is dry and when the hair is wet. This can give us a bit of heat protection, but this kind of seals the deal and then always make sure to brush your prep products from roots to end so it's evenly distributed.  Then go get dressed and let's move on to heat styling. 

4. Blowdry Heat Styling

When you blow dry your hair, make sure to smooth that cuticle layer down the outermost shaft of the hair called the cuticle layer looks like shingles on a roof. And in order to get the hair to look super shiny and glass like, we need the cuticles to all lay in one close direction. Angle your blow dryer down the hair shaft and not up. Always start by rough drying to speed up blow dry a little bit, and then go in with a brush and a blow dryer and finish it off. There are tons of tools that you can use for the step. You can use a natural hair bristle brush, or even just a vent brush and blow dry pointing downwards if you want. You can use an oval blowout brush. Or you can use a blow dryer paddle brush. The key thing to think about here is smoothing the hair out from wet to dry with controlled heat and making sure that the cuticle layer is down. 

5. Steam Straightening

Here's a step where we lock it all in and we straighten it out. This thermal protection spray is as weightless as water. It's so amazing for use in both the wet and the dry stage. All we do is shake it up and then mist it in before using a flat iron to smooth every section out. It completely calms down static and it stops hair from tangling.  Later on, using a steam straightener can be a great idea because it makes the hair look super shiny. Hair is porous and it acts like a sponge. When you use a regular flat iron, steam comes out of the hair and there is no moisture content left in it. When you go outside and it's humid, if your hair is frizzy, the hair is going to want to absorb that moisture. The weak bonds will be broken by the water and the hair will return back into its natural disheveled state. When you use a steam straightener, you're not drying out the core of the hair, you're actually adding moisture. So when you go outside, the hair won't absorb any more water in the air since the sponge or your hair is already full of moisture, there's no more room for that moisture to get in. So this not only makes the hair stay smooth for longer in humidity, but it also makes the hair super shiny and glossy.

6. Finishing with Oil

The last and final step is to add a little bit of oil to finish off the entire look.This is a natural plant based oil.It is called Wonder Hair Oil. And it is great for split ends and for shine.It doesn't make the hair stringy. It's not too heavy. It's a great finishing and last step to give your hair that like extra mirror reflection and to tame frizz throughout the day. A lot of women, they tend to have some flyaways up here, so you can just very gently tame those out. Your hair is going to look so insane.

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