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7 ways to Cut Down cost for your Natural Hair Expenses

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Author : Travo
Update time : 2023-07-21 09:48:51

When you come back to being natural or if you have been for years, you probably already know the cost can be on the expensive side. If you go with the basic shampoo and conditioner you might be okay with the price but it’s still up there. When it starts to increase is when you have to add your deep conditioner, gel, curly gel, twisting custard, growth oil and tons of products on top of that. All these products while all of them are great and the products prayerfully give you the style you want frankly, it simply can get too pricey. @shanilla26 I want you to know that your natural hair care products don’t have to cost you a pair of shoes to be able to have healthy hair. If your inner hair junkie is talking to you and wants you to try each and every new product, trust me I get it but if your bank account isn’t matching up with your hair care then this is for you.

Make your own hair products

I had to start with this because you can make you natural hair products but lets be honest a lot of us do not want to do it or think it might be too difficult. It really can be simple I mean a butter creme could be shea butter whipped with a mixer when softened then add some essential oils and your good to go. A gel can be made with flaxseeds. A leave-in can be made with aloe juice each one of the products mentioned are between $5-10 but last a lot longer because the quantity they give you.

Learn how to do your own hair

As many youtube videos that are on hair care or instagram that give us our latest hair inspiration there is plenty of ways to learn how to do your hair. Even to add your own clip ins can all be found on social media so you can lessen time having to go to the hair dresser. If there is a style you have tried on your own and you seem not to get it right, trust me I understand, me and flat irons don’t get a long. I know that a flat iron style I can only see a hair dresser. The main thing I’m saying here is try. Trying to do your hair first and learning what your hair likes or dislikes can cut the cost down tremendously.

Stop experimenting

Yes, this one spoke to me because I still find myself doing this where I look for the perfect hair care product routine. The crazy part is even if I find a nice one then part of the inner junkie in me wants to find another. Let’s not do this going forward if you want to cut cost down. If you find a hair routine that works stick with it. If you know that certain gels and cremes you use gets the results you want then by all means go for it and keep the money in your pocket that you would of used to buy more products.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

How about taking a break from shampooing your hair and using Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse instead. Apple Cider Vinegar cost less than $5 and you can mix water and apple cider vinegar and begin to start using it on your scalp. No, it doesn’t smell the best but has so many benefits to it and clarifies your hair without any expensive shampoo. You can rinse your hair out once you finish putting it in your hair and scalp then begin putting conditioner in. After the conditioner continue on with your routine like normal. The smell will disappear by the way in case you haven’t tried this method before.

Only Items that are Necessary

I know moments when hearing necessary items you might believe all your items are absolutely necessary. Let me tell you the main ingredients you need are shampoo, conditioner, oil, butter and leave-in. The other products you use are luxury items. The products that don’t necessarily have to be used are edge control, hair spray and anything else is optional.

Stock up during sales

It seems like this can contradict when it comes to cutting the cost down but if it’s a product that you know you use and that is a staple in your routine then go for it. It will cut your cost down when you see it on a BOGO sale at your nearest store. I’m not saying go crazy with it but getting a couple that’s on sale versus full price would save you so many funds in the long run.

Don’t be too heavy-handed

I usually try using only a little bit of product then keep adding when needed. A lot of products do not need globs of it on your hair that’s what can easily lead to white residue if your not careful. If you read the instructions and it says add a dime or pea size amount try using that amount first. This will save you more products which stops you from running out so fast.There you have it ways to cut down your cost and keep some money in bank. Did i miss some? What else do you do to cut your cost down?

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