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Black Cherry Hair Color: Everything You Need To Know

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Update time : 2023-02-02 12:34:50
Spring is coming. As the weather warms up, you'll want to look fresh for the new season. Are you ready for new clothes and makeup? But there is one important thing you cannot miss - your new hair color. A new hair color will give you a new look. Are you looking for a deep brunette hair color? Then sexy, mysterious black cherry hair color is the ultimate choice for you. If you want to know more about black cherry hair color, keep reading this article.

What Is Black Cherry Hair Color?


Black cherry hair color is a rich, deep red that is a wonderful blend of burgundy, magenta, violet, and black. Its color can range from deep, sultry burgundy to an upbeat, bright cherry red, depending on your natural hair color and needs. In addition, there are many ways to add cherry black hair color, including highlights, ombre, balayage, and more.

Is Black Cherry Red Or Purple?

The classic black cherry hair color is the perfect combination of red and purple tones, but the shade is customizable to your preferences and needs. Therefore, whether the black cherry hair color looks more red or purple is entirely up to you.

The Most Popular Black Cherry Hair Color For You

1. Classic Black Cherry Hair Color


If you want to look mysterious and sexy yourself, then try the classic black cherry hair color. The wonderful thing about the black cherry hair color head is that it perfectly combines the three colors burgundy, violet, and black for a very stylish and trendy look. If you like this hair color, then you must mix the three shades of burgundy, violet as well as black evenly, as only in this way you can get this classic black cherry hair color.

2. Vibrant Ends


Are you looking for a creative black cherry hair color? Then a touch of bright purple at the ends would be your favorite. Any undertones of black cherry dots, such as violet, magenta, or burgundy, are especially perfect because they complement and blend perfectly with black cherry hair color. At the same time, this can also show off your playful and cute personality. In addition, if you want to make your look stand out, then you can try an A-line cut.

3. Black Cherry With Soft Purple Highlights


For those women who desire a bolder, warmer pop of color over a naturally dark base, black cherry with soft purple highlights is a perfect choice. These two shades are fun to wear together without being too bright, making you look extra glamorous and appealing. If you are attracted to this matching hair color, then take this photo to your colorist and let him help you have this hair color. Believe it or not, this hair color is trendy.

4. Dark Black Cherry Color


If you are a natural brunette, then a dark black cherry color would be perfect for you. The darker the base color you choose, the closer it will be to your natural hair color and will provide beautiful accents to your hair. You will see the shimmering effect when the sun shines on your hair (there should be no one who doesn't like this effect). In addition, this hair color suits all skin tones and can make you look extra classy and attractive. Do you have your heart set on this hair color? Then try it out.

5. Black Cherry Ombre


If you're looking for something more sophisticated, try the black cherry ombre. This hair color is rich and natural, fashionable and on-trend as it lightens sequentially from root to tip. You'll be the center of attention as soon as you show up. If you want to achieve this gradient effect, you may need to use multiple shades of dye. Because only through this way can you have this romantic and beautiful hair color. Trust me, you will not be disappointed by choosing this hair color.

How Can You Make Black Cherry Hair Color Last Longer?

After looking at these beautiful black cherry hair colors, are you wondering how you can prevent it from fading? Proper maintenance helps you keep the color vibrant and fresh. Below, we will provide you with some methods to help you make your black cherry hair color last longer.

1. Shampoo your hair 72 hours after coloring


Waiting three days after coloring before shampooing is also one way to make your hair color last longer. When you dye your hair, the cuticle is opened and the color easily penetrates into the hair shaft. If you shampoo too early, the cuticle may remain open, which can lead to color fading. The cuticle can take up to three days to close completely, so it is better to wash your hair three days after coloring to help the color last longer.

2. Use products designed for color-treated hair


One way to make your hair color last longer is to use products specifically designed for hair coloring. Shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for colored hair keep your hair vibrant and fresh and prevent your hair color from fading quickly. So, if you don't want your hair color to fade too soon, you need to change your hair care products. Remember not to use shampoos that contain sulfates.

3. Avoid using hot water to wash your hair as much as possible

As far as relaxation is concerned, a hot shower is unbeatable for anything but your newly colored hair color. Because washing your hair with excessively hot water can excessively strip your hair of its natural oils, causing it to dry out and fade, you need to wash your hair with lukewarm water if you want your black cherry hair color to last a little longer.


After reading this article, have you picked out your favorite hair color?

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