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Can Black People Have Naturally Straight Hair?

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1. Can Africans And African Americans Have Straight Hair?

black girl straight hair

Black people have a different texture of hair. Their hair types come in many different shapes and colours. Their hair is unique. One thing that may be involved in heat protection.

Whites sweat, and the sweat falls off and does not cool the body by evaporation. Africa is known for its heat, and the body needs to be cooled. Straight hair has no way of making sweat stay. Curly hair can keep the sweat from dripping temporarily, and the body cools down by evaporation.

However, there should always be exceptions to the rule. There are still some Africans with straight hair. East Africans with straight hair are the most common, such as former Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf, who was born with straight hair and is a completely black African.

2. Why Do Africans Have Special Hair Texture And Curly Hair?

curly hair

There are two main reasons why Africans have fine and curly hair: genetic and environmental factors. First, African hair produces a lot of protective oil. However, the oil is not evenly distributed along the hair fibre because of the tight curls.

Without lubrication, the fibres become dry. This causes the hair to become more brittle, which affects the texture of the hair. It is difficult for the sebum to move down the hair shaft, so curly African hair tends to be drier than most other hair types. Because of the general lack of oil on the hair shaft, the very curly hair of all ethnic groups is usually brittle, but to a lesser degree.

Second, blacks have curly, coily hair because it evolved in this way to protect it from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Thousands of years ago, this continent of Africa may have had different races of people with straight, wavy and curly hair.

The UV rays in Africa are very strong. Once they searched for food or water, their scalp was exposed to the sun. Straight hair does not seem to provide enough protection for the scalp. Straight hair was gradually phased out as the body continued to adapt to the environment. God left behind a predominantly curly-haired population.

3. Why Do African-American Girls Often Straighten Their Hair?

litle girl

Most curly-haired girls straighten their hair because they like to change their hairstyle. Straight hair is also more manageable. Another reason is that there are political and racial reasons. Due to historical traditions, some racial discrimination causes black people's curly hair to be unprofessional and unofficial. Some African-Americans choose to straighten their hair to better integrate into this society.

4. What Is The Best Way To Straighten African Hair?

Girl Braids

Because African hair is dry, you need to consider how to retain as much moisture in your hair as possible to avoid damaging it. There are 4 ways to best straighten your exploded hair while protecting your hair.

  • Hooded Dryer

A hooded dryer is similar to a hair dryer. This dryer has multiple heat settings so that you can adjust the heat to a very low setting. Wrapping your hair around the elastic bar will keep your hair stretched while drying. After drying, combing your hair will make it straighter.

It usually takes 40 minutes to an hour to dry hair at low temperatures with a hooded hair dryer. A hooded hair dryer is a great alternative to a blow dryer because it prevents hair from being damaged by high heat.

  • Wrap Your Hair

With this method, you need to use a microfiber towel to absorb as much moisture as possible after washing your hair. Microfiber towels are much softer on the hair than cotton towels and can absorb moisture quickly without friction. Rubbing can make our hair very dry.

Once the hair is dry, it must be combed around the head. Hair clips can be used to hold the hair in place. Then grab a few sections of hair and wrap them around your head. It is best to do this method before going to bed, in which case you will also need to wrap your hair in a silk cap. When you detangle your hair, it should be straight and silky.

  • Blow Dry With Cold Air

Blow drying your hair with cold air can prevent heat damage and is a healthier alternative. To get the most out of this method, you should apply oil to your hair before blow drying, which will prevent frizz and help flatten your hair. But it takes longer to get your hair completely dry. You should also use a good-quality hair dryer.

  • Weaving

This method should be very common. Many African-Americans today choose to braid their hair in messy braids. Braiding or twisting your hair into smaller sections will add more length. This can also be a way to hydrate your hair while it stretches.

Adding a moisturizer or oil before braiding will not only moisturize your hair but also add shine. After the hair is dry and the braid or plait is removed, the hair will stay stretched and long.

straighten curly hair

5. Conclusion

Although straight hair is limited to a small percentage of people of African descent, it does exist! If you have other opinions on this topic, don't hesitate to contact us soon!

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