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What Is Virgin Hair?

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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46
In human hair market, virgin hair is the hair that has never been chemically processed. When you think about chemically processed, this means it has been color treated, permed, bleached or dyed.

Now you're probably wondering:

Why does hair manufacturer chemically process hair?

Well, here's two possible answers:
  1. The quality of hair raw materials collected is poor.
  2. To produce color hair that meets the needs of consumers, such as ombre hair, golden hair, red hair, etc.
In a word, the end-product looks nice after chemical treatment. And it can give you a more beautiful and uniform appearance.

But, the drawback of this type of hair is that it can NOT last too long. As soon as you wash it, the hair would matte, shed, tangle and even change colors.

In today's hair market, steam processing is becoming more and more popular in the manufacturing process of hair extensions. Almost 95.99% of hair factories use the processing procedure, especially in China.


By steaming processing, hair manufacturer can create unique and exotic styles, like body wave, curly, deep wave, loose wave, natural wave and so much more.

So, today's hair extension industry standard is so much different than what was just a few years ago. Now, virgin hair is 100% human hair that has only been steamed processed and simply disinfected.

As you might imagine, the hair raw materials collected are dirty. Therefore, It is necessary to disinfect and clean for it.
Pro tip: Many hair companies claim that their virgin hair products are cut directly only from one donor. In fact, it's hardly true. In our opinion, as long as the quality of hair is excellent, it doesn't matter whether it comes from a single or multiple donors.

Virgin Hair VS. Remy Hair: What's the Difference?

Do you genuinely know what REMY hair means?

This word is often used incorrectly and lead to the consumer making a purchase. Some hair sellers even claim that Remy hair is the highest trade hair.

The truth is, Remy hair just means the direction of the cuticle of the hair.

Let me explain what I mean.

Remy hair is bundled in such a manner that the roots of the hair are on one side and the tips of the hair are on the opposite side. That's to ensure the cuticle does NOT tangle or matte.

So, Remy means the cuticles of the hair are not stripped and remain aligned in one direction. As you can imagine, the end-products hair goes through such a tedious process to not damage the cuticle.

That's why high-quality virgin or remy hair is more expensive. But, this hair still looks fantastic even after multiple times being washed.

Well, let's see the relationship between remy and virgin hair.

If remy hair is NOT any chemically treated, in such a situation, you can think that Remy hair is virgin hair.
If virgin hair is minimally processed to ensure the roots and tips of hair traveling in the same direction, you also can think that virgin hair is remy hair.

That said:
Not all Remy Hair means virgin hair. Also, not all virgin hair means remy hair.

Virgin Hair VS. Raw Hair: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever asked what the meaning of Raw hair is? And do raw and virgin hair mean the same thing?
Great question! Here's a quick definition of Raw hair:
Raw hair is unprocessed 100% human hair that has not undergone ANY chemical, heat or steam processing. Raw hair is the purest and natural form of hair on today's hair market.
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