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Details Of 360 Wigs: The Most Natural Human Hair Wigs

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Details OF 360 Wigs?

360 lace wigs Can Be Called 360 Wigs And 360 Lace Frontal Wigs. They Are A Kind Of Lace Front Wig, Which Have Bigger Lace Areas That Wrap Around Your Head.

A 360 Lace Wig Consists Of Two Parts: Lace Part And Cap Construction.

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There Is A Wide Lace Circle Covering Your Head, From The Forehead To The Nape. You Can Choose Different Lace Materials According To Your Desire, And Different Types Of Lace Incline To Different Purposes. HD Lace Melts Well With A Light Complexion And Looks More Natural. It Is Thinner And More Delicate Than Ordinary Lace, So That Gives You A Better Wearing Experience. Although Transparent Lace Is A Bit Thicker Than HD Lace, It Could Greatly Blend With Dark Skin Tones And Is Easy To Maintain. Pick The Right One As Needed.

In Addition, Hair On The Whole Lace Part Should Be Knotted By Skillful Workers. A 360 Lace Wig Was Finished After Three Days' Effort By One Worker, So It Is Certainly More Expensive Than A Machine-Made One. For Better Feelings, The Lace Part Does Not Consist Of An Entire Big Lace, But Two Lace Pieces, Which Create A Great Camber And Suit For Your Head.

Another Part Of A 360 Wig Is Cap Construction, Made Of High Stretch Machine-Made Weft, Bonding With The Lace Edge. This Part Is Sewed By Machine, Firm And Soft.


Advantages Of 360 Lace Wig


Natural Hair Effect

   360 lace wig

360 Wigs Bring Customers Supernatural Lace Effects, You Never Need To Worry About The Risks Of Exposing Your Wigs. With The Help Of Hair Powder, Hair Cracks And A Hairline Show Naturally On Your Head. No Matter Whether You Love To Part Hair In The Middle Or On The Right Side, 360 Wigs Can Always Suit Your Needs.

Besides, All 360 Wigs At mysecondhair Are Made Of Good-Quality Human Hair Wigs That Have A Similar Hair Texture To Your Natural Hair. They Shine In The Sunlight Without The Unnatural Light Reflected By Synthetic Hair And Look Gorgeous And Smooth.


The Fine Lace Used In Human Hair Wigs Is Very Breathable. In Other Words, The Larger The Lace Area, The Stronger The Air Permeability. So A Full Lace Wig Will Be More Breathable Than A 360 Lace Wig.

Many Hairstyles Available

With A 360 Lace Wig, You Can Try Any Hairstyle As You Like. If You Love A High Ponytail, Tie Your Hair Up And Come All The Hair Back. A Tidy And Pretty Hairline Leaves, Showing Your Beautiful Forehead And Face. Or You Would Like To Try Curly Hairstyles, Such As Your Favorite Body Wave, Then Style The Human Hair Wig With Heat Tools. Please Do Not Apply Too High Temperature, Or It Will Damage Hair Texture Instantly.

Pre-Plucked Baby Hair

Some Low-Quality Human Hair Wigs Offer Baby Hair Without Processing, Which Needs To Take Some Time To Pluck The Hair. And Beautyforever 360 Wigs Have Nice Pre-Plucked Baby Hair. They Are Really Ready-To-Go Wigs And Save You Time To Style Hair And Unwind Your Hands.



It Is Often Thought That Wig Squares Are Only Used For Therapeutic Purposes, Presumably To Hide Extreme Hair Loss. But Wearing Wigs Has Become A Real Fashion Trend In Recent Years And Has Been Used In A Variety Of Fashion Situations.

When You Want To Change Your Hair Color But Don't Want Dye Products To Hurt Your Hair, 360 Wigs Can Help You Do Just That. You Can Choose From Hundreds Of Hair Colors.

Wigs Can Even Be Used For Wedding Day Styling. It Makes Your Hair Look Fuller And Cuter.

Cons Of 360 Wigs    

Hard To Repair

When You Destroy The Lace Area, It Is Impossible To Repair It. Although Lace Touches Soft, It Is Fragile And Delicate. For Beginners, It Is Easy To Damage It While Cutting The Extra Lace Area To Fit Your Head.

So, You Must Be Patient When You're Going To Trim Lace With Scissors. Slow Down And Part The Lace Into Several Sections, Then Trim Them Piece By Piece. With Practice, You Could Grasp This Skill Quickly.


Due To The Large Area Of Delicate Lace Parts And Human Hair Knotted By Hands, 360 Wigs Are More Expensive Than Normal Lace Frontal Wigs.

But, Buying Wigs Is An Investment, Human Hair Wigs Can Be Used For More Than Three Months With Daily Usage. And They Could Last Six Months With Good Care. High-Quality 360 Wigs Enhance Your Beauty And Flatter Your Style, You Deserve Better Hair Products.

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