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Everything You Need To Know About 3A Hair

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A long time ago, maybe there were only three hair types you have known: straight, wavy, and curly. But now we know that there are far more hair types than previously thought. When you want to learn more about naturally curly hair, you may come across some terms that completely disorientate you. Today's topic is 3A hair, and we're diving into everything you need to know about these defining curls. Let's get right to it!

What Is 3A Hair?

If you're not familiar with hair types, hear someone say they type 4B or 2A. You must think it is a strange catalog system. But for anyone with hair other than straight, knowing your specific texture category can be the difference between having a perfect, curly hair day, and struggling with frizz and tangles whole day. Do you know who Andre Walker is? Type 3A hair is just one of 10 hair types outlined by celebrity hairstylist Andre Walker. Each category begins with a number, representing the shape of your hair.

Type 1 is straight, type 2 is wavy, type 3 is curly, and type 4 is kink hair. The back half is the letter a, b, or c, representing the width of the curl. The letter A indicates the widest diameter in a category, C is the narrowest, and B is somewhere in the middle.

According to the Andre Walker rule, 3A hair is the earliest and loosest of the curly hair types. Type 3A hair has definite curls at both the roots and ends, although the loose curl shape means that type 3A hair is less plump than other, tighter curl patterns. People with type 3A hair tend to have fine to medium textured hair and very few thick strands.

What Are The Benefits Of Having 3A Hair?

There are many kinds of having 3A hair, you can play to its strengths will go a long way toward keeping you and your curls happy. Therefore, I would like to introduce the benefits of having type 3A hair to you.

1. High-cost performance

3A hair can take less time to style your hair because the 3A hair shares loose curls. As you know, loose curls of 3A hair are easier to manage than tighter, denser curls. 3A hair makes styling and conditioning your hair quick and relatively easy.

2. Easy maintenance skills

With 3A hair, the most obvious benefit is that you can wash 3A hair less frequently. No matter what type of curls they have, people with curly and updo hair don't need to wash their hair as often as people with straight and wavy hair. This is because the natural oil produced by your scalp has a harder time following your curly spiral. Therefore, instead of washing your hair every day or every other day, just wash your curls two or three times a week.

3. Exquisite appearance

As the first type of curly hair, 3A hair is characterized by curly and wavy hair. Its relatively loose texture means you don't have to deal with much of the frizz or volume that characterizes other hair types.

How To Care For 3A Hair?

Like any hair type, 3A hair requires special care and attention. By catering to its strengths and making up for its weaknesses, you can help your curls flourish. So below I will give you some tips on how to best care for type 3A hair.

1. Use products that suit your hair type

If you have 3A hair, finding products that suit your hair type should be your first step. Products that target multiple strands may be too heavy for your strands, more likely to make them heavy, cause buildup, and cause excess moisture.
On the other hand, straight and wavy hair products may not give your curls the moisture they need.

2. Use a hair removal brush

Instead of tearing your hair with a regular brush or comb, consider investing in a comb.
Hair removal brushes have special, staggered bristles that gently work their way through knotted hair without damaging it. In addition to being gentler, a grooming brush can cut your work in half! They come in various styles, so try them out and see which one works best for your curly hair.

3. Trim your 3A hair regularly

No matter how you take care of your hair, trimming should be part of regular maintenance. As the oldest part of your hair, your ends are the most prone to drying out, splitting, or breaking.
Trimming helps to get rid of this damage and stop them before they have a chance to move up and put your medium and long hair and roots at risk. Ideally, you should trim every 10 to 12 weeks.

4. Deep condition your 3A hair regularly

While 3A hair is not as dry as other curly hair types, it is significantly drier than straight and wavy hair. You must moisturize once a week or once every two weeks to restore moisture to your hair.

Something you should and shouldn’t do when caring for 3A hair


•Make a healthy plan to care for your 3A hair
•When combing your hair, start at the ends
•Avoid thermoplastic hair when possible
•Eat healthy to nourish your curls from the inside out
•Gently handle your hair to avoid breaks and split ends
•Use a microfiber towel or T-shirt to dry your hair instead of a regular towel


•Don't go to sleep with wet hair
•Wash your hair no more than two or three times a week
•Don't overload your curls with products
•Don't brush your hair when it's dry or you'll develop frizz
•Don't touch your hair after styling, or you'll ruin your curls and cause frizz
•Don't use a fine-toothed comb unless your hair has been straightened
•Don't apply conditioner to the roots, focus on medium and long hair and the ends

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