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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Ponytail Extension

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Update time : 2022-05-13 10:43:09

Many women use them on regular basis to make themselves look elegant. They try different styles, colors, and lengths to alter their look day by day. However, if you are buying a ponytail extension for the first time, you have to know completely about it and your choice as well. Read the article till the end to get maximum knowledge about this extension. 

Types Of Ponytail Extension 


There are commonly three types of ponytail extensions used by most women and they are wrap-around drawstring and clip-in extension.

  • The wrap-around extension is one of the most famous ones among women of the modern era and one can remove it easily anytime. Women who have short hair and wish to have fuller look choose this extension.

  • One of the very less used and ignored by most is drawstring extension which remains underneath your hair.

  • An extension that can be installed within seconds and you just need to clip it in your head is a clip-in extension. It is easy to use and come in diverse styles, colors, and length. 



Length Of Extension

Ponytail extension comes in various lengths and you can choose one that fits you the most. Usually, they come in 5”, 10”, 14”, 20” and 24” lengths and these are more than enough. It is good to pick a normal length extension as a lengthy one will look awkward on you. Also, it is challenging to manage too-long hair extensions.


Another important element to consider is choosing the right color for your ponytail extension. Some people pick the same color of extension similar to their natural hair color to be natural. However, it is good to try different color shades that match your personality.

Look at the shades of your hair from the top and bottom side, match the ponytail with them and it is best for you. Also, you can pick entirely diverse colors on special occasions to look different from others.


Style You Want

Once you choose the right ponytail for yourself, the next thing is to style it properly which enhances your personality more. There are several ways to style your hair extensions like braiding them, twisting them, wrapping, and sleeking them.

Ponytail is also available in the market in straight, wavey, and curly styles that give you your requirements to look. All these styles remain in the market and are hard to ignore by women of fashion.



Weight also counts very much when you select a hair extension for yourself. A lightweight ponytail extension is easy to manage by everyone. Synthetic hair extensions are more lightweight than human hair extensions. So it is better to choose a synthetic hair extension to enjoy your ponytail in a better way.

Type Of Hair

There are two types of hair extensions are available in the market. One is human hair and another one is made of synthetic hair. Human hair possesses different qualities you can style them anytime your wish. You can wash them and they look more natural to you like your own hair.

Synthetic hair also looks natural but less than human hair. They give shiny look that is mind-blowing and people love it. They are also available in heat-resistant synthetic material for a better experience.


Time Of Usage

If you are buying a ponytail hair extension for some special functions or for a short period, it is good to choose one that has less price. They have a short lifespan but they are best as you can buy another for another function.
If you are going to use a ponytail on regular basis then it is good for you to pick a human hair extension. It has a long-lasting lifespan, can be washed regularly, and is, therefore, better than synthetic ones.


Price Range

Price range should also keep in mind before buying a hair extension. Too high or too low price extension is not recommended so always buy a normal price extension for yourself.

Buy From The Right Shop

There are many barbershops and beauty salons that offer these extensions at a high price. Always shop your ponytail extension from some reliable shop. There are many online shops from where you can buy them after seeing their previous customer reviews.

Proper Installation

The structure of a ponytail and how it fits your hair are also important. A regular wearer knows very well how to install ponytail extension properly. However, for a beginner, it is also not difficult as an installation manual comes with your ponytail extension. Follow these simple steps and you can easily install it.

Pros Of Ponytail Extension 


  • They are comfortable to wear for everyone.

  • They come at an affordable price.

  • They are easy to use and even a beginner can install them properly by viewing guidelines.

  • They save the time that you may consume in styling your hair.

  • You can change your style on regular basis. 

Cons Of Ponytail Extension 


  • You cannot wear a ponytail extension for a long period.

  • You have to choose the right shade for yourself.

  • Wearing a ponytail extension might limit your hair growth.

  • There is no guarantee of their lifespan. 

Final Words 

It is good to use ponytail extensions as they are reliable, soft, and easy to use. You should keep in mind the normal price, less volume, lightweight, and how often you are going to use it before buying it from some trustable shop. They fully blend with your hair giving you an extra natural look. You can style it according to your choice to enjoy your ponytail extension day. 

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