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Free Part Closure Vs Middle Part Closure Vs Three Part Closure, Which One Is Best?

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What Is A Free Part Closure?

A free part closure is a hair strand sewn on the lace base with no part on the base, often regarded as the most natural-looking type of lace closure. Unlike pre-parted closures, a free part closure meaning is that you can part a free part closure anywhere. You can make a zig-zag part, a curvy part, and you can part it any way that you can part your regular hair.

free part closure

What Is A Middle Part Closure?

The middle part closure, also called T part lace closure, is a lace closure with a middle parting. A middle part closure is wonderful for the popular middle part hairstyle in a very short period. The hair can be parted perfectly down the middle.

Middle Part Closure


What Is A Three-Part Closure?

There are three parts on a three-part closure, one in middle, one on the left side, and one on the right side, which gives you several options for hair parts. Depending on the installation method, a three-part closure can allow you to easily switch your part from side to side. You can change parting at any time with ease.


A Three-Part Closure

Difference Between Free Part Closure & Middle Part Closure & Three-Part Closure?

The three lace closures have the same texture and installation method. They are all made out of 100% human hair and a piece of lace. All the hairs are sewed in the holes of lace by hand. They are equally good and all are easy to style, but it is essential that you bleach the knots for either style of closure.

Free Part VS Three-Part Closures

1. The free part closure will give you even more styles to part on. The three-part works the same way but it has fewer styles compared to the free part one.

2. The three-part closure eases the process of parting the hair. You can switch the parts from one side to another as well.

3. With a free part closure, you can choose not to part it at all, and it will still look very natural and beautiful. A free part closure gives you the luxury of choice whereby you can part it from whichever angle.

straight closure wig


Middle Part VS the Free Part Closures

1. You have to keep the middle part style with a middle part closure. But the free part closures can give you more options when parting your closure.

2. The middle part closures are not impossible to lose their part line. While you may need to do more efforts to keep your parted hairstyle.

3. Different from middle part closures, if you make some small mistakes on parting your free part closure, it will still look good. But any mistake will be very obvious on a middle lace closure.

Middle Part VS Three-Part Closures

1. As the name suggests, both of them are pre-parted closures, and the three-part lace closure has one more parted line than a middle part closure.

2. When you try to install a three-part closure, you need to install it without any errors because if the closure is even slightly off, the whole wig will look bad.

3. A three-part closure can provide a unique and interesting hair look, but it doesn’t mean the part always looks natural. Even when a three-part is properly installed, you can sometimes still catch a peep of the other parts that you are trying to cover.

three part closure wig

Which One Is The Best?

Actually, there is no certain answer to which one is best for you. But there are some tips for you to choosing the lace closure.

1. If you want a lace closure that allows you to part it anywhere, a free part lace closure is best for you. You can even make a zigzag part with a free part lace closure.

2. If you only prefer a middle part hairstyle, then a middle lace closure is enough for you.

3. If you want closure with more versatility and fun, three-part lace closure is wonderful.

4. If you want a closure that doesn’t need you to part it by yourself, a middle part of a three-part lace closure is OK.

5. If you just need a natural lace closure, then any one of them can meet your need.

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