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Highlight Wig Make You Unique And Bold

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Highlight wig

The features of highlight lace wigs

    The Highlight wig is essentially a mixed color wig. The color is variable, you can choose the color you like. It also won't affect your beauty if you want to add more color to your wig. Highlight lace wigs can be classified according to the following two aspects

1 The location of the highlighted color


  • The wig is solid color on top and colored hair underneath. Here are the top-down highlights.

  •  Pick a small section of hair and color it from start to finish, which is a side-to-side highlight.

2 The texture of the wig

Most of the highlight wigs that are more popular now are straight hair. This is a good demonstration of the beauty of the silk press, and the fashion trend of the collision of various colors.

Body wavy hair is also a popular wig texture product, It is a classic fashion. If you are tired of straight hair, you can try it.


How to take care of high-gloss human hair wigs?

Highlight wig

How to maintain highlight wig?

       A Highlight human hair wig that has been worn many times will not be as beautiful and shiny as the one you first bought, and we need special care to ensure that it will last longer.

1. Put the lace wig on the stand, and spray the non-oily lotion on the wig a few times before using the wig every day. After the treatment, the Highlight human hair wig can not only prevent static electricity, restore the original appearance, but also be more lubricated.

2. Choose to use a color-fixing shampoo or conditioner to clean the dyed wig, which can keep the color back to its beauty, just like when you just bought it.

3. Do not use a comb to comb or rub vigorously with your hands when cleaning. You can manage your hair gently with your hands.

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