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How Can You Style Long Hair Easily?

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Having long hair seems to be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it will make you look extremely nice and glamorous, on the other hand, it will require you to spend more time styling, compared to short or medium hair. Are you searching for some tips to style long hair easily? Are you looking for a lot of simple and beautiful hairstyles for long hair? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to style your hair easily and provide some chic and easy hairstyles for you.

1. What Makes Long Hair More Difficult To Style?



Long hair needs to be as healthy as possible to look beautiful. The longer the hair, the more easily damaged it becomes. The reason why is that the end of the hair is older than the rest of it. And with time going by, they can become brittle and easily break or split, causing frizz and ultimately more difficult to style.

2. The Things We Need To Do Before Styling Long Hair


In order to have a better long hair hairstyle, we need to take some care of our hair in advance.

2.1 Use the proper shampoo and conditioner



Since everyone’s hair type and hair texture may be diverse, it is extremely principal for us to use the right shampoo and conditioner. The proper shampoo and conditioner can prevent hair breakage and split ends, which contribute to nourishing long hair better and hair growth.

2.2 Use the right hair brush



Want a brush that could smooth your hair shaft and lessen breakage? A boar bristle brush is perfect for you! The brush is made of natural fibers, which is conducive to decreasing the friction on your hair when combing hair. Consequently, the long hair will stay tangle-free, smooth, and supple, and will not pull out strands, which can be beneficial to styling long hair.

2.3 Apply a heat protectant



It is very necessary for us to apply a heat protectant for it provides a barrier between your heating tool and your hair, sealing in moisture and preventing frizz. They also smooth the cuticle, leaving your long hair looking smooth and soft. So if you have to apply a heating tool to your hair, then you need a heat protectant.

2.4 Don't over-wash your long hair


The natural oils your hair produces are good for conditioning and protecting your hair, so if you over-wash your hair, these vital oils are carried away, which not only makes your hair lose moisture but also roughens the cuticle and makes it frizzy and unmanageable. Ideally, to retain your hair healthy and easy to style, you should wash it three times a week at most.

2.5 Trim your hair regularly



We all know we feel a little bit reluctant to cut our hair after it grows to the length we want. The cut hair mentioned here is just a simply trimming as this can prevent split ends, which can make sure your ends don't look too thin or messy and is conducive to hair growth.

3. The Simple And Chic Hairstyles For Long Hair


After learning the relevant knowledge of caring for long hair, now we will provide a number of easy and gorgeous hairstyles for long hair, you can pick up your favorite hairstyle.

3.1 High ponytail



A high ponytail is one of the most popular and simplest hairstyles and it is suitable for all hair lengths. But long hair will stand out more and give the impression that you are very capable. And this effortlessly chic style delivers unexpected results when all the hair is pulled away from the face. Accordingly, if you are interested in it, try it quickly.

3.2 Easy and secure low bun



When you don't have much time, but want to have a good-looking hairstyle, an easy and secure low bun is what you need. It is one of the most simple hairstyles for long hair. It will make you leave a soft and elegant impression on people.

If you are attracted to it, you can start by tying a low ponytail, dividing the hair into two strands, and twisting them together. Then, put a thin elastic band at the end. Finally, twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with some bobby pins. You can also place some pretty accessories for a sophisticated look.

3.3 Half up half down with simple twists



Are you looking for hairstyles for your long hair that makes you look more stable and appealing? The half up half down with simple twists is perfect for you!

If you have an interest in it, you first can brush your hair back and tie the left and right sides into a ponytail. Then, slide the elastic down a bit, bringing the ponytail into the loop a few times to twist the strands. Finally, you can get this elegant hairstyle. You see, the whole process won’t take you much time, so you can have a try.

3.4 Bubble braids



Want an easy, quick, and beautiful hairstyle? A bubble braid is exactly what you need! Compared with other braids, it does not require complicated, superb skills, just some elastic bands can make cute and chic bubble braids.

Are you intrigued by it? You can give it a shot. First, choose the right height to make a smooth ponytail, then add some elastics to the strand(making sure to keep the distance between elastics equal), finally, you need to pull each section of hair loose to get the desired bubbly look.

3.5 Knotted ponytail



Girls with long hair know how to pull their hair into a ponytail and bun in seconds, therefore why not combine the two hairstyles? This will provide you with a whole new hairstyle that gives a sophisticated and stable look.

You can start by pulling your hair into a ponytail, then twist the bottom a few times as if you were trying to twist it into a bun. Finally, pull the ends out of the middle of the bun and secure it into a knotted ponytail.



After reading this passage, you must have a deep understanding of how to style your long hair and have picked out your favorite hairstyle, so now hurry up and try it. 

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