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How Do You Choose The Right Wig Color?

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1. Why choose the right color wig?



Wigs aren't just practical; they're also an easy way to change up your appearance. Whether you like a different color or style, or just want to try something different before changing your hair, wigs are the perfect solution. Whether you're looking for a wig for everyday wear or a "cosplay" lover, you should be careful when choosing the right wig color.

1.1 Hair Color and Light Are Closely Linked

Color and light are intrinsically linked. Color is the effect of any form of light reflection. It should be noted that wigs sold online will have a certain color difference. Various factors such as color, hair dyeing process, and lighting will affect the visual effect, making wigs of the same color look different under the light. Just like natural hair, wigs look brighter and more detailed on the outside in the full sun, while darker and less textured on the inside or late at night.



1.2 Hair Color and Skin Tone Greatly Affect Each Other

Often, people use wigs to make their hair look healthy, thick, and full. Other than that, your wig shouldn't make you look bad, even if others know about it. Some people use wigs with exaggerated colors that are very different from their natural hair color, which will make it easy for others to see that they are wearing wigs. Therefore, the choice of color is crucial.

Your skin and hair have undertones, and undertones are shades that are lower than your main skin tone. It is important to choose a hair color that matches your skin tone. Because hair colors that are close to your skin tone or slightly lighter than your skin tone will brighten your complexion and make you look younger and more vibrant. The wrong hair color that doesn't match your skin tone can cause hair to look "faded" and be difficult to maintain for long.


Well, the right color for you depends on whether you want a more natural look or something more striking. Everyone's skin tone and eye color combination are unique, and these numerous factors determine which color looks best.

Naturally, these can make choosing the right wig for you a bit of a challenge. So, read on to learn how to make the right choice when choosing a wig color! 

2. How to Choose the Right Wig Color?

Today, everyone can color their hair at will, but that doesn't mean it should. Choosing a flattering wig color is the best way to guarantee an overall gorgeous look, and doing so requires more work than just holding up a color wheel to your face in the mirror.

2.1 Find Out Your Skin Color

It is said that people have warm or cool colors. These two categories are influenced by skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color. If you want to choose a different color for your wig, it's important to consider your skin tone. Choosing the wrong color can result in a messy or rough, extreme look to your look.



One way to determine if your skin is cool or warm is to examine your veins. If your veins are more blue or purplish, your skin is likely to be cool-toned. If your veins are greener, then your complexion may be warmer. If you see a mix of the two, you are neutral.

While it can vary based on undertones, cool-toned skin tones often pair well with warmer colors that are described as "honey," such as golden blonds or orange reds. Warm tones are more suitable for ash gold, brown, and other colors.

2.2 Understand Your Eye Color

Don't forget your eyes. Just like skin tone, choosing a wig color that contrasts with your eyes are crucial. If your eyes are golden brown, green, hazel or light blue, choose a wig with dark brown or golden brown, chestnut, auburn, or red highlights—warm-toned wigs.


If your eye color is dark brown, dark blue/blue-gray, or dark brown, choose wigs with more natural colors such as black, brown, and blonde.

However, if this conflicts with the color you chose based on your skin tone, use that color instead. Having overall coordination is more important than looking faded. Coupled with the right makeup look, your eyes will always stand out.

2.3 Choose Shades Suitable For You

A general best practice is to choose a color that is close to your natural hair color, if not the same. But if you're going for a lighter or darker shade, it can look very striking, and in some cases, it's obvious you're wearing a wig.


That's why it's best to choose two shades that are darker or lighter than your natural color. If you want to choose a different hair color, one option is to make a gradual shade-to-shade transition, rather than going straight from light blonde to ash blonde.

2.4 Consider Wearing Occasions

The color of the wig depends on the occasion and whether you want a wig for work and professional wear, a wild wig for a night out on the town, or a fun, lively highlight to wear on a whim. If you don't want to go through too many changes, you can always choose a nice wig that matches your natural hair color. If you want a different look but don't want to go wild, opt for a light-colored wig, as darker shades will eventually overwhelm your face and lead to a faded, pale look.

2.5 Take Your Age Into Consideration

Choose a hair color that suits your stage of life. As you age, light hair tends to be more flattering than dark hair.


Lighter, warmer shades provide a softer, more natural look for lighter skin tones. It's a natural fact that the older you get, the paler your skin becomes. Many people dread taking on grays or colors as they age, but these shades often help give lighter skin tones a more natural and flattering look! This is why it is better to choose lighter shades rather than darker ones.

So even if your goal is to look younger, don't be afraid to opt for an all-grey look!

2.6 Remember the Climate Can Affect Your Hair

Women who live in sunny climates already know this, but it's worth repeating: heat can affect your wig, and too much sun exposure can cause your hair color to fade, as UV rays break down the chemical bonds in dyed hair. Wigs and dyed hair will fade in the sun, but very rich dark colors will fade the fastest.

If you live in a sunny environment and plan to buy new wigs more often, choose human hair wigs that can be re-dyed, or choose lighter shades that won't fade as quickly as dark hair.


3. Conclusion

First-time wig wearers should stick to wig colors and patterns that are similar to their current styles and colors. This will help them adapt to slightly different looks and make the transition between styles more comfortable. For a natural hair color look, choose the same shade as your natural hair, or choose a wig that locks in a certain shade. This means the wig is better for your warm or cool undertones.

When in doubt, change not too much, as dark colors will drown out the face. 

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