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How Much Dose Hair Botox Cost?

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If you want to get the smoothest, shiniest hair without breaking a sweat, then you might want to consider getting a hair Botox treatment. I know you're probably thinking, is Botox hair a treatment that involves injecting a needle into the scalp? It is a deep conditioning and smoothing treatment that can be done from the comfort of a chair in a beauty salon or even at home. Keep reading, here's everything you need to know about hair Botox.

hair Botox


What Are The Benefits Of Hair Botox?

As you know, hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment, your hair will feel smoother and more hydrated than when you received the keratin treatment. On the other hand, you don't need to wait 3 days for the keratin to seal. So you can wash your hair or jump into the pool on the same day if you want. Of course, there are some other benefits.

What are the benefits of hair Botox?

1. Keep your hair condition always excellent

With hair Botox treatment, you can expect to have smoother, fuller hair with fewer split ends. You may notice that your hair is less frizzy as the treatment adds moisture to it. The effects can last between two and four months, it will keep your hair condition still in the best way.

how much does hair Botox cost?

2. Works well on all hairstyles

In fact, hair Botox treatment can be done on all hair types and is best for those looking to get more shine and less frizzy. It doesn't matter if your hair is curly or straight, thin or thick, you can always try the hair Botox treatment. You will not regard your choice.

The prices of hair Botox treatments

3. The long duration and good effect

The duration of hair Botox varies from person to person and depends on the quality of their postoperative care, but the approximate amount of time is two to four months. Many people are treated with hair Botox, about once a season, and summer may be an exception for those who spend a lot of time in the pool or ocean. For those who have very severe hair damage, it may be beneficial to do it more often until the condition of the hair improves.

The prices of hair Botox treatments

How Much Does Hair Botox Cost?

Most of us want to know the price of hair Botox treatment. Actually, Botox hair treatments can cost around $150-$300 or more, depending on whether you buy the ingredients to use at home or perform the treatment at a beauty salon. The prices of hair Botox treatments also vary by location. If you have a treatment at a beauty salon, ask about the price before making an appointment.

1. The prices of hair Botox treatments in beauty salons

If you get your hair Botox treatment at a beauty salon, you'll likely pay between $80 and $375. But it's also possible to find locations that do treatments for less than $150, but usually, these are the prices of very short hair and don't take that long. Here are different prices of hair Botox.

2. The prices of Diy hair Botox treatment

If you choose to try doing the treatment yourself at home, the cost can range from $50 to $250. The cost of Botox for doing hair at home depends on the brand and the number of products in the package.

People always choose hair Botox treatment in beauty salon

However, why would anyone go to a beauty salon to get Botox done if it costs less to do it yourself? Since the application and treatment process involves several steps and takes 2-3 hours on average, you may mess it up doing it at home. What a terrible result.
In addition, each step of the hair Botox treatment must be done in the right order, leaving different proportions of the treatment on the hair between the two steps. It gets complicated.
Before starting hair Botox treatment, the hair must be removed from any residue of oil, dirt, hair products, shampoo, and conditioner. If you don't remove all of the residues, the effect of the treatment will be reduced or nonexistent. Hair Botox can also lighten your hair color, so be aware of this potential side effect before doing the treatment. At the beauty salon, your stylist may apply toner or reduce the treatment time to avoid changing your hair color during treatment. Therefore, although the price of hair Botox treatment at home is less than for a beauty salon, people will choose to go to the beauty salon.


Hair Botox is actually a deep conditioning treatment that wraps hair fibers with fillers like keratin. This treatment fills in any broken or thin areas in each hair, making the hair look fuller and shinier. All in all, hair Botox is a great resource for anyone looking to smooth, restore, and deeply nourish their hair.

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