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How to Blend Clip-Ins

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Clip-ins have style flexibility that has become a hype in modern society. You will be amazed to know that hair extensions date as far back to medieval ages where the Egyptians wore them. Those extensions were either made from human hair or sheep’s wool dyed with beeswax and resin. All the wigs and extensions of the by-gone days have paved the way for the modern hair extensions where all types of hair are included and variety is abundant. The growth of natural hair movement has made the coily clip-in hair extensions popular for women who want a natural body texture. Always put the safety first before you go for selecting clip-ins. Do not let any artificial hair styling make suffering to your natural hair.

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Hair extensions or kinky curly clip-ins are in high demand and the challenge to supply extensions is rising high and high. You may not be used to clip-ins or hair savvy and perhaps you might be saying to yourself, “How to style my curly clip-ins in my natural hair?” It is pretty obvious that blending in clip-ins with your hair might be challenging but with the help of some tips, you will be able to blend them with your own texture. Let’s get into a detailed study that will make that easy for you.

Knowing The Texture of Your Hair 

How to Blend 4c Natural Hair with Kinky Clip Ins   It is very important to know the texture of your hair so that you can find the right extension that will match your needs. You might be surprised to know that the main confusion lies in selecting the correcting texture. If you find the right texture, the blending process will get much easier. If your hair falls in the 4C hair group then find clip-ins suitable for this texture. That will enhance the natural beauty of your hair by adding extra volume and length to it. Afro kinky is designed for 4c hair types found on natural black women, you will find densely packed strands all packed together in z- pattern with a fine low luster. Each of those sets is machine-made and tested vigorously to ensure durability and fullness. With an elastic band and silicone-tipped clips, it will also ensure secure placement. By using afro kinky curly hair extensions you can transform your natural 4C hair’s look in just 15 minutes.

Twisting Your Leave Out 

It is recommended to intertwining your leave out or using kinky twist human hair extensions because it’s easier for the hair to get blended. If you are using a kinkier texture make double sure that ends of the hairdo do not stick away from the extension. You may consider applying a hair gel because that will be useful in the twisting process of smoothing the ends down.

Trying with a Two Strand Twist 

There is another option to think of if you are blending short hair with long natural hair clip-ins. During the installation of the extension, twist two strands of your hair with the clip-ins. This method will help your extension and your hair to have a similar pattern at a takedown, that is, when you will unravel or untwist them. Doing Bantu knots, you can flat twist the leave out and taking the aid of perm rods in curling the leave out, could be another option for creating curls and kinks that will match your natural extension and helps to blend.

If all these fail –

You can take a pretty satin or silk scarf for tying the front portion of your head that will disguise your leave out. The scarf will look like a beautiful and stylish hair accessory. You can even use a matching closure with your extension and you will have no worry about blending. Blending as part of the installation is one of the most difficult maintenance problems with extensions. For that reason, many people opt for wigs, or full close sew-ins, or not wearing them at all. As the demand is always high, brands are also finding easy ways to rocking women with no effort. You can wear clip-ins on New year’s Eve or Thanksgiving and you will fairly hide your hide. You may avoid the blending problem because you fear it might look bad but with the aforesaid guidelines, you can make all the difference in the world. It doesn’t matter if you have relaxed hair clip-ins or kinky ones.

Here is a step by step on Blending 4C Natural Hair with Clip-In Extensions

The most exciting reason for wearing natural hair clip ins are perhaps the styling versatility. The benefits are many, whether you wear the clip-ins to achieve full puffs, or wear short bangs without shortening your hair, or achieve colors and highlights without any damage to your hair.
Step 1 –

Wash your 4c hair and condition it deeply. Do the usual of taking down the flat twist

Step 2 –

Take the 3 clips of the clip-ins and make a part section in the back. Your back parts need not be straight as they are going to get covered anyway. Make installation of the clip-ins with easy attachments.

Step 3 –

Use your fingers more in parting your hair.

Step 4 –

Use more clip-ins and repeat the same steps. Taking into consideration the size of your head as smaller or bigger you will know what size of clip-ins you will require for the installation.

Step 5 –

This time start working sideways. Just part your side hair and insert a 2-piece clip-ins.

Step 6 –

Shift towards the front part of the head and use 2 pieces of clip-ins there.

Step 7 –

Gently play with your hair and make sure that the clip-ins and your hair are both covering the actual pitch of the clip. Just go in with the fluffing and fixing to make the blending look more realistic as possible.

Step 8 –

Finally, use your fingers to tame the edges of your hair to look more natural.


Hair extension may also be taken as an investment not only in looks but in your health too. Therefore it is important to know that the best quality clip-ins are made from genuine human hair because it possesses the best luster and doesn’t shed or tangle either.

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