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How To Choose A Wig For Beginners?

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Update time : 2023-03-01 10:00:54

As beginners, we have to admit that buying a wig for the first time can be overwhelming. Are you thinking about buying your first wig at this time? Are you dazzled by the variety of wigs on the market? How can I get the best-fitting wig at the best price? Should I choose cheap synthetic wigs or human hair wigs? How to choose the length, density, style, and color of the wig? Which kind of wig is suitable for beginners to install? Tidying up these details is enough to put beginners off, but is something you must consider when shopping for the hair of your dreams. In this blog, let's talk about how to choose a wig for beginners.

You are not alone on this path of choosing your first wig. Because millions of people wear wigs every day, the global wig market is showing a trend of more and more prosperity.

Before choosing a wig, the things we need to know include the type of wig, hair price, hairstyle style, hair length, occasions for wearing wigs, etc. Next, let’s take a look at these contents separately.

1. Choose A Hair Type: Human Hair Vs Synthetic Wig

Before buying a wig, you should first think about the type of wig you want to buy: synthetic or human hair. Each hair type has its pros and cons.

Human hair wigs: made of 100% human hair, which can be permed and dyed the same as natural hair. There are different types of human hair, two main types: European hair and Asian hair. At present, Asian hair accounts for 98% of the market, and only 2% of human wigs use high-quality European hair. The main origins of Asian wigs are in China, India, Vietnam. China contributes about 90% of the wigs. Overall, they look more natural than synthetic hair, but high-quality wigs can be expensive due to the high standards of manufacturing, sourcing, and finishing.

Synthetic wigs: The advantage of synthetic wigs is that they can be worn anytime, are easy to maintain, and are more affordable. But their service life is shorter than that of human hair wigs, they are shaped in advance, and have limitations in styling. Another point is that the sheen of synthetic wigs is not very natural, especially during the day and low-quality synthetic fibers will lack natural texture.

2. Hair Price

For the first wig, you should have a budget in mind, and you are going to buy a wig within the amount of money. If you pursue quality and long-term use, you can consider human hair wigs. But if you want to try it out first or change wigs frequently, it's wise to start with cheap wigs.

3. The Style Of The Wig

Common popular styles for wigs are straight hair, body wave wigs, kinky curly wigs, Jerry curly, kinky straight, loose wave, and water wave wigs. Straight hair and curly hair can bring out different temperaments in people. For beginners, straight or wavy hair is a great option for easy-care hairstyles that don’t require a lot of time to style.

In addition to the curls of the hair need to know. There should also be a clear understanding of the different types of wigs. Such as HD lace wigs, headband wigs, U/V part wigs, lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, etc. Although lace wigs can give you a natural and authentic look, installing lace wigs often requires some installation skills, for beginners It is recommended to try to install a simple wig. Such as u/v part wigs, headband wigs, or glueless wigs.

v part wig

4. Hair Color

Wigs can reflect a person's personality, color is an important item, and the charm of hairstyles lies in the personalization factor. You can play with colors completely according to your own preferences, and the wig color can bring a relaxing moment. No matter which color you choose, it's sure to look great because you've chosen the color that makes you feel most confident, the color that exudes confidence.

Balayage Highlights Lace Front Wig

5. Occasions For Wearing A Wig

Maybe your natural hair can only be used for styling in your daily life, but for some special occasions, wigs can provide you with a different glamorous look than before. Human hair wigs are suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. It can keep you from looking over the-top at informal gatherings without looking plain on formal occasions.


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