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How to Choose the Best Wig Brush and Comb 2022

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What is a wig brush?


A wig brush is a special tool designed to brush, detangle and style your wigs. It is made to be gentle on your wig hair because it causes less friction when rubbed against hair fibers.

Its bristles are usually made of metal, unlike regular brushes, which usually come in plastic bristles, while its handle can either be made of wood, plastic, or metal material. With its ability to help prolong the life of your hair extension while making them look neat and stylish, a wig brush is definitely a must-have tool for all wig-wearers.

Wig brushes vs. Regular brushes

Now you ask, what is the difference between a wig brush compared with your regular hair brushes?

First off, wig brushes have rigid, metal bristles that easily glide through your curly wig hair. This allows you to gently style and grooms your delicate wigs. Some hair extension brushes have bobbles on the tip of the bristles, which protects the fibers of the wig hair from dragging, thus, helping them last longer. Others have looped bristles designed for easy and gentle combing of your synthetic or human hair wigs.


On the other hand, regular hair brushes usually have plastic bristles. Such material can be too harsh on your wig because it can stretch and pull your wig hair. This may lead to breakage and damage, thus, shortening the lifespan of your wigs.

Also, regular brushes are rough and cause too much static, which makes your wig hair frizzy and out of control. This can eventually ruin not only your wig but your entire day as well. Talk about a bad wig hair day!


4 Different Types of Wig Brushes

Here are the different types of wig brushes, depending on its purpose.

1. Paddle brush

This type of wig brush is best used to detangle your hair. It also enhances your wig hair’s shine while getting rid of frizziness.

It’s carefully designed for easily brushing thick hair strands. It is lightweight and has a comfy handle, giving you that non-slip grip while you are working on your tresses.

No more tugging, yanking, and wrestling with your synthetic hair extension!



2. Looped bristle brush

Its unique looped bristles make it easy to glide through your wig hair for that smooth and sleek look. It makes combing your wig hair a breeze.

Since it has no tip, this brush is perfect for lace front wigs. Sometimes, brush tips tend to pull your hair, which might lead to breakage. These looped bristles help protect them from damage.

Bid goodbye to tangles and say hello to your shiny wig hair.


3. Dipped metal bristles

This has sturdy, metal prongs that easily get rid of tangles. It also glides on smoothly on your wig, while the bobbles on the tip protect hair fibers from damage.

You can also achieve different hairstyles using this brush but still remain gentle on your hair.



4. Wide-toothed comb

This comb is specially made to be nice and gentle on your wig hair strands. The wide gap between each tooth enables you to brush through your curly wig without damaging it.

It is the ideal hair tool for untangling knotted hair strands without tugging your wig hair fibers.

And did we mention that it is very handy too? Its size perfectly fits your go-to purse for that instant wig fix anytime, anywhere.


How to Choose the Right Brush

Knowing how to pick the best wig brush is a crucial step in keeping your wig’s best condition over time.

When correct tools are used for the job, you not only get to make the most out of your wig’s life, but you also protect both your natural hair and extension wig from potential damage.

Brushes for wig styling

We have styling brushes that have rigid, metal bristles, which allow you to brush and glide smoothly through your hair. You can gently style your synthetic wig in any way you please!

It also has bobbles on its tips that rake through your hair without the risk of dragging and damaging. It’s best used for styling both synthetic wigs and human hair wigs.

Brushes for human hair wigs

The perfect brush for a human hair wig is an anti-static human hair wig brush. This will not only prevent static and frizziness but also does the job of taming your flyaway hair.

Not only that, but it also allows you to detangle, style, and volumize your human hair extension while keeping it protected from damage.

Wig comb for wig hair detangling

Your wig hair can get tangled during any busy day, so a wig comb is definitely your life-saver.

It is designed to be gentle on your hair, which helps you detangle your hair strands without tugging.

How to Brush Your Wig Perfectly

Follow these simple steps on how to gently brush your wig:

1. Prepare your wig – Put your wig on a head model placed on a stand. Then pin it in place. Or just put it on your head.

pin your wig

2. Spray leave-in conditioner – For extreme tangles, it is best to spray a generous amount of leave-in conditioner throughout the wig. This makes it easier for you to brush the hair out. For minor tangles, a wide-toothed comb will do the trick.

3. Work in little sections – Section off the wig, then brush it one area at a time.

4. Start brushing the wig – Gently brush the hair from the bottom, then work your way up. Move up a few inches higher until you are finished with that section. Once a section is done, secure the combed hair with a clip. Repeat until you are done brushing the whole wig.

Combing your wig

5. Brushing curly wigs – Use a wide-toothed comb or just your fingers. Comb out each curl from the bottom up. To return it to its curl, you can do the following:

  1. Guide the hair back to its natural curl.

  2. Wrap and hold the hair around your fingers for that ring shape.

  3. Spin the hair all the way up, then release it for that spiral shape.

  4. For heat-resistant wigs, re-curl the hair using a curling iron.

finfer to brush wig

6. Be patient – Take your time in removing big knots and tangles. If you carelessly comb your wig from top to bottom, it will quickly wear out the strands.

IMPORTANT: Don’t brush a wet wig! Your wig hair is at its weakest and is most vulnerable to damage when it is wet. Brushing it will stretch its fibers, and putting such tension can lead to wig damage. Make sure your wig is thoroughly dry before combing it.

Why You Should Always Brush Your Wig

One way to take good care of your wigs is through regular brushing. But why is it important?

Here are the reasons why you should always brush your wig hair:

  1. It gets rid of unwanted knots – If you are an everyday wig-wearer, your wigs can get tangled over time. That is why brushing them on a regular basis is essential in order to always get rid of those small, minor knots. Why wait for knots to become bigger and harder to remove? Instead, make sure to always be on top of your wig care!

  2. It helps to maintain healthy wig hair – Brushing your wig often helps maintain its healthy form. To achieve that natural wig shine, just apply nourishing oils on your wig hair, then brush it to evenly distribute the oils.

FAQs about Wigs Brush

Is it a round boar’s head brush for wigs?

No. Never use round boars brush for wigs because it can cause damage to your hair strands. It is only ideal for blow-drying human hair.

What is the best brush for synthetic wigs?

For detangling, a wide-toothed comb is the best option. For styling, bristle brushes do the work without damaging wig hair.

What is the best brush for human hair wigs?

For detangling, a wide-toothed comb is preferred, while a paddle brush is best for smoothing out human hair wigs.

Can I brush a wavy or curly wig?

Yes. But it is best to use your fingers to brush your wavy or curly wig. You can use a wide-toothed comb to gently remove stubborn tangles. Using brushes can disturb the curls and ruin the look.

Can I use wig brush on my biological hair?

Yes. Wig brushes are gentle on your human hair wigs, which are made of real human hair. Therefore, it is safe to use for your biological hair.

Do wig brushes work on hair extensions too?

Yes. Wig brushes, particularly wig combs, are used for hair extensions too. It is perfect for getting rid of tangles.

Can you use a wet brush on a wig?

Never use a wet brush on your wig. It can drag your wig hair strands and cause shedding and damage.

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