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How To Cut A Bob Wig

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Update time : 2022-12-28 18:46:44

In recent years, Bob wigs have become more and more popular. Even short wigs can bring us a natural and beautiful appearance. Bob wig can even have sunshine, confidence and strong temperament. Bob wigs have been popular with girls of all ages since its birth, but how to design Bob wigs, such as cutting Bob wigs, is not known to many people, so today, please let us show you how to cut Bob wigs.

Straight Hair Bob Wig

Tool we need

Barber scissors, bob wigs, razors, straight hair clips.

Why to cut a bob wig

If we learn this method of trimming hair, we can save a lot of things and trim the length of the wig ourselves. This method is not only suitable for girls who want to change the length of their wigs, but also for girls who buy bob wigs that are too long and want to trim them to their desired length.

Straight Hair Bob Wig

Steps to cut a bob wig

1. Cut out the outline of Bob’s wig.

  • Put the wig on the wig rack and comb your wig with a wide-toothed comb to prevent it from tangling.
  • After combing the wig, choose the desired length of bob’s wig, and then trim it from the back of the wig.
  • In the process of trimming, remember to keep it flush with the position of the first trimming. It is recommended that you trim it once, and then comb it with a comb to make it smooth.
  • After cutting the general outline of bob’s wig, take out the razor and fix the bottom of the hair as neatly as possible.

2. Modify bob’s wig

  • Trim the hair in front and around as naturally as possible, and pull out the hair with your fingers to see if there are any differences in length.

3. Make a curly bob wig.

  • Clamp your bob wig with a clip, and fix and separate your hair layer by layer along the weft of the wig cap.
  • Start using a hair straightener. The temperature of the hair straightener should not be too high. Hold the wig in your hand and pull it down. Turn the hair inward at the end of the hair and bend it gently to form an inward curl.
  • In the same way, lay down the fixed hair layer by layer and use a straightener to create a curve.
  • Spray or apply styling spray in the end.


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