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How To Do The Easy And Quick Updo Hairstyles?

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Update time : 2022-12-04 11:56:45

There are many styles of wigs, various lengths and colors, and different curls, from bone straight hair to curly hair, from body wave hair to kinky curly, from short bobs to elegant long hair. You can always choose from many styles which one or several you like. With the update of fashion trends, you will also enjoy choosing wigs and pursuing beauty. But sometimes you may not be able to make a satisfactory hairstyle because of time constraints, or you don't want your hair to fall apart due to work reasons. Today we will tell you some easy and quick updo hairstyles. You don't have to affect your beautiful appearance because of the rush of time or work requirements.

1. What Is An Updo?

A bun is a hairstyle in which hair is pulled up from the shoulders and neck into a specific style, and secured with bobby pins, bobby pins, or other hair accessories to keep hair from falling out or to aid styling. Updos are versatile and can create as many looks as you want. It's also common to see all kinds of updo hairstyles when you're attending a special event, such as a wedding, prom, or grand carnival. Of course, you can often see it in daily life, because its simple and elegant style is very attractive, in addition, the convenience and simplicity of the updos are also the reasons why updo hairstyles are so popular.

updo hairstyles

2. How To Do Easy Updo Hairstyles?

Updos are suitable for all hair types and textures. This hairstyle has no limit to the length of the hair. Short hair, medium-length hair, or long hair can be used as an updo hairstyle. According to the length of the hair, different weaving techniques can be used to present the most beautiful shape. Generally, medium-long hair is the most common for updo hairstyles, then shoulder-length hair, and finally long hair. Updo hairstyles can modify the face shape, so it is suitable for any face shape. Please get bobby pins, elastics, different types of combs, styling tools, and lots of styling products ready before you start.

2.1 Two Braided Updo

two braided updo

One of the easiest updo hairstyles, the two braids bun is a safe choice any time of day. This clean look can go with almost any occasion. This hairstyle also goes well with any dressing style!

The steps are as you can see in the picture. You just need to use a ponytail comb to part your hair in half and tie them separately into high braids. Braid each braid like two rope braids, then overlap the braids over each other to create an updo, and finally secure the ends of the braids with U-pins. The hairstyle is done easily.

2.2 Messy Top Bun

messy top bun

Lots of girls love a chic yet casual, messy bun. If your hair is frizzy and messy today, this hairstyle is the quickest way to make up for it. The messy bun also gives people a very casual and chic feeling! You can also match some hair bands or accessories to make this hairstyle look more individual.

Comb it into a high bun first and tie it with a hair tie. Part hair into two strands and do a rope braid. Based on not destroying the hairstyle, pull out some hair to make the overall hairstyle look loose. Twist hair into a bun and secure it with U-pins. Finally, pull out a few strands of hair that frame the face. The perfect hairstyle is complete.

2.3 Bun With Side Braids

bun with side braids

 This style can highlight the femininity and temperament of women. This hairstyle is suitable for daily life, work, party, wedding banquet, and other occasions. This will instantly boost your charisma and get compliments from those around you! Follow the steps in the picture and you can get such a delicate hairstyle.

2.4 Low Tucked Updo

low tucked updo

This is a hairstyle tailor-made for girls with short and medium hair. An elaborate bun immediately enhances the charm of short and medium hair. Elegant and sophisticated hairstyles give you an incredibly glamorous and impressive look. Wherever you go, you are sure to be noticed.

2.5 French Twist Updo

French Twist Updo

This is a very classic and chic hairstyle, which shows the noble temperament of women and makes you look elegant and aristocratic. Gather the roots of your hair around your neck first, then twist the entire length up into a single column. Now take hold of the column and tuck its underside in the direction of the twist.


The above are a few simple and quick updo braided hairstyles. If you don’t want to affect your pursuit of beauty because of rushing time or work reasons, then try the hairstyles recommended above. It will bring you a surprise.

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