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How to Get Slime Out of Hair

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Slime is rated as one of the hottest toys of the year, I'm sure your kids are fascinated by slime too, and the slimy stuff provides lots of fun for people of all ages. In fact, the only downside to slime is that it's very sticky. The worst part is that it sticks to the hair. But don't be alarmed when your child gets slime in his or her hair. Read below for a quick and easy guide on how to remove slime from hair.


How do I get slime out of my hair?

What do you do when goo gets stuck in your child's hair? Don't worry if the idea of cutting their hair with scissors, or worse, cutting your hair, is enough to choke someone. We'll look at some of the ways you can use household ingredients to remove the goo. Before we show you these tricks, let's get into the basics of slime removal. To break down the sticky components of mucus, oil-based substances work best. The oil will dissolve the gunk, allowing you to get it out of your hair.

I. How do I remove the slime from my hair with shampoo and conditioner?

remove the slime from my hair with shampoo and conditioner

When it comes to removing goo from your hair, start with the shampoo and conditioner you're sure to have at home. But there's a trick to this method: you have to use conditioner first, then shampoo. The reason for this is that most conditioners contain oil, which breaks down the goo, and here are the details of how to do this.

1. Rinse your hair with warm water.

2. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to the mucus-soaked strands.

3. Massage the hair and use a fine-tooth comb to gently remove the mucus clumps. 

4. Rinse off the conditioner from the hair.

5. Apply the shampoo to the hair and massage into the scalp to create a lather.

6. Rinse off the shampoo and blow dry your hair normally.

II. How to use everyday oils to remove slime from your hair?

everyday oils to remove slime from your hair

If you want to remove mucus from your hair, oil can help. The oil will break down the mucus, making it easier to remove with a comb or by hand. You can use almost any vegetable oil: olive oil, avocado oil, canola oil, vegetable oil or coconut oil, you always have one in your house. Here are the steps to follow for this method.

1. Pour a generous amount of oil into the palm of your hand and apply the oil to your hair and scalp. Massage the oil into the hair, making sure all strands are coated with the oil.

2. Leave the oil on the hair for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. The mucilage will begin to break down and loosen during this time. 

3. Use a wide tooth comb to remove the mucus from the hair. Depending on the amount of mucus in the hair, this step may take the most time. Be very gentle when removing the slime from your hair, otherwise it will cause damage to your hair.

4. You can then wet the hair thoroughly, apply conditioner and gently comb through the hair with a fine tooth comb. (Provided your hair is thoroughly combed). 

5. Finally, use shampoo to remove any sticky residue from your hair. If any residue remains after the first shampoo, shampoo again.

III. How to use mayonnaise to remove slime from your hair?

use mayonnaise to remove slime from your hair

Remember what we said earlier about how oil is just something that fights mucus? Well, your favorite mayonnaise happens to be loaded with the stuff. This may sound strange, but the truth is that mayonnaise not only removes goo from your hair, but it also removes gum from your hair. Here's how it works.

1. Place a few tablespoons of mayonnaise on the goo.

2. Using your fingertips, gently massage the mayonnaise from the roots of your hair to the hair shaft.

3. Use a fine-tooth comb to gently remove clumps of slime, again making sure to clean the comb during the operation.

4. After removing most of the slime, use the conditioner shampoo method above to remove any remaining slime. Tip: Use a good-smelling shampoo and conditioner to eliminate any lingering sandwich odor from your child's scalp.

IV. How to use peanut butter to remove slime?

use peanut butter to remove slime

Don't have mayonnaise in the fridge? You can use peanut butter instead. Smooth peanut butter works better for this. Use the same method as above. The oil in peanut butter works the same way as mayonnaise and helps to separate the slime from your hair.

1. Take some peanut butter as big as the slime in your hair and rub the peanut butter into the slime with your fingers.

2. Comb through the slime and add the peanut butter. Detangle any knots with a comb and work the peanut butter through.

3. Finally, rinse the conditioner again to ensure it is completely washed out. Then rinse normally to make sure the peanut butter smell is gone.

V. How to remove slime with vinegar

remove slime with vinegar

The oils in your home or even mayonnaise, are good for your hair, so we prefer to remove the mucus while nourishing your hair. However, if you don't have anything else mentioned above on hand and need to remove the mucus immediately, you then choose this method as we don't think it's the best option. The acid in vinegar removes the natural oils from the hair.

Therefore, while the acid will corrode the slime it will also corrode the beneficial oils on the scalp. You can follow these steps to use vinegar to remove mucus.

1. First dilute the vinegar with water. If you use half a cup of vinegar, add 2 cups of water. This will prevent the vinegar's gas concentration from being too high and harmful to your hair.

2. If you use this method, make sure you protect your eyes from the solution.

3. Pour the vinegar and focus on the mucus.

4. Perform a massage to pull the mucus apart and separate it. You can repeat the vinegar solution as needed.

5. After removing all the slime, start washing your hair, first with conditioner and then with shampoo.


Slime is notoriously difficult to remove, but with the right method, you can get rid of it faster than you ever thought possible. With the help of the 5 simple methods mentioned in this article, I hope it helps you get rid of the slime from your hair!

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