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How to Install a Lace Wig like an Expert

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Update time : 2022-06-23 11:14:56

Choose a Pre-Styled Lace Wig

Choosing a lace wig with bleached knots, a pre-plucked hairline, and baby hairs along the hairline dramatically reduce the amount of time you need to spend styling your wig. Additionally, if you choose a wig that already has a hair color, texture, and length you adore, you will not need to worry about how to accomplish any of these styling activities.


Prepare Your Natural Hair and Scalp

It is important to have clean hair and scalp before you begin your process. Ensure it is oil-free, yet well moisturized in preparation for your wig. You may also wish to braid your natural hair to make it easy to keep it clean. If you have particularly short hair, you can choose to braid or pull it back into a tight bun. It truly depends on what you feel comfortable with.


Choose a Wig Cap

Wig caps are mostly optional, especially when wearing a lace wig. If you do opt for a wig cap, make sure it is the right size and fits comfortably on your head. Make sure all your hair is hidden beneath it and that the wig cap resembles your natural skin shade.


Trim Lace

Place your lace wig on your head and position it appropriately. You can use clips to ensure your wig does not move while you perform this next step. Take some extra sharp scissors, and trim any excess lace sticking out from the hairline. Typically, professionals start with the front portion of hair and move towards the neck and back afterward.


Apply Glue

Take your wig off and apply special wig adhesive along your entire hairline. Let the adhesive dry a little bit and then apply your wig.


Apply Your Wig Carefully

It is important to carefully apply your wig, starting in the front. Use your hands to press the edges of your wig into the glue firmly. Next, take a blow dryer and use cool air to set the glue and wig.


Let Your Wig Dry

Your wig will take 10 to 15 minutes to dry. You can use a silk hair wrap to secure your wig while you are waiting or you can use hair clips to make sure the wig does not move. After it has dried completely, you are ready to go!


Optional: Apply Makeup

Many influencers and hair gurus swear by blending your makeup after you have installed your wig. With sheer lace, this step is optional although it can enhance the realism of the wig! Simply blend your foundation and set your powder in along your hairline.


Optional: Further Styling

After installing your wig, you may decide that you don’t like the bangs, the texture, the style, or the length. Simply remove your wig and place it on a mannequin or wig holder. You can then secure it in place with some glue or clips. Then, you can style as you wish and re-install your wig.

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