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How To Keep A Curly Wig Looking Wet?

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Update time : 2022-05-16 10:53:21

Steps To Keep Your Curly Wig Look Wet

 Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make wet hairstyles with your curly wig.

1. Saturate your curly wig with water

Your curly wig must be moist but not pouring wet if you want the ideal wet-look hairstyle. Because the hair gel you're about to apply may not stick precisely if your hair is very damp. You won't be able to get a beautiful wet-look wig if the gel doesn't stick to the wig's strands. So, if your wig is dripping wet, be sure to air dry it until it is moist. If you don't want to wash your hair, just spritz it with a water-based hair spray.

2. Detangle the knots

Tangling is more likely with curly wigs. As a result, you must untangle them regularly. The easiest method to accomplish this is to comb your wig with a wide-tooth comb. This comb has a distinction for reducing breakage. As you progress higher, start detangling from the ends. Breakage may be avoided by doing so. If your curly wig contains knots, you may release them with your fingertips. Your fingers are also excellent instruments for detangling curly wigs.

method to keep a curly wig looking wet


3. Select a proper gel

If you want to get the ideal wet-look hairstyle, you must use the proper gel. There are so many gels on the market nowadays, so deciding the best one might be tricky. However, always use a non-sticky, hair-shine hair gel. It will aid in keeping the wig in place and wet. The quantity of gel you'll need is determined by your curly wig's volume, density, and thickness.

4. Apply the gel to your curly wig

Now that you've found the appropriate one, you can start putting the gel on your curly wig. As previously said, do not use too much gel on your curly wig. Begin by applying the gel to the roots and lengths of the hair. Focus more on the roots to get the ideal appearance. You can feel how it feels with your hand.

5. Comb your hair

The following action is to comb your curly wig after being satisfied with how it feels after applying the gel. Depending on the appearance you want to create, you may use a variety of combs and hairbrushes to style your curly wig.

6. Spritz on a glossing spray

After your curly wig's roots have an excellent glossy finish, you may go on to the rest of the wig. You may use a glossing spray to blend your wig's origins and ends. Even if you wish to push gel through the wig, using a glossing spray to develop a wet-looking shine can keep the wig from becoming too heavy and give you the ideal wet-look hairstyle.

7. Style your curly wig

Finally, style your curly wig according to your taste and preferences to complete the procedure. You may put your hair up in a ponytail, make an updo, or leave it down. It's also a good idea to apply a hair spray at the end to help keep your style in place and give it a wet look.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Curly Wig To Give A Wet Look

Here are some tips to take care of your curly wig so that it can look wet when the steps mentioned above are revised. With these easy tips, you'll find that you can keep your curly wig looking wet and ready to wear all the time.

1. Wash your curl wig regularly

It's essential to wash your curly wig regularly to maintain it appears as fresh and natural as possible. This will let you eliminate debris, dust, excess oil, and other contaminants, leaving your curly wig looking revitalized. Carefully choose the items you use to wash your curly wig. Avoid using alcohol-based products on your wig since they will cause it to dry out and frizz.

2. Detangle your curly wigs regularly

Detangling your curly wig needs a certain level of patience. It would help if you avoided tangles to keep your wig's curls wet. Use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush to gently untangle your hair while it's still moist, starting at the roots and working your way up to the ends. When detangling your curls, be careful since real hair wigs may lose their form if overused.


3. Do a deep conditioning treatment

To avoid tangles becoming a significant issue:

  • Before and after wearing your wig, give it a thorough conditioning treatment. You may do so by applying coconut oil or olive oil and conditioner.

  • Applying too much product (hair spray) to your hair might cause it to tangle more than expected.

4. Avoid hot styling tools

It's no wonder that using hot styling products on your curly wig may cause harm. Fizziness' may be caused by curling irons, hot rollers, and hair dryers. This is why you should avoid using them more often. If you really must use them, make sure they're set to low heat and temperature.

5. Apply hair mousse or hair oil

Use any mousse or cream that can preserve the curly style to keep a curly wig appearing wet. Apply a considerable amount to the hair properly and finger-comb it through your hair to keep it looking wet. It gives shape to each curl, giving hair a moist appearance even when it's dry. Or use a curly hair product or natural oils such as olive oil or coconut oil. They keep your wig looking voluminous and stylish without weighing it down and making it seem flat and wet.

6. Wrap up properly

Finally, you must carefully keep your curly wig. Keeping your curly wig away from tangling and increasing its life by properly storing it is possible. Hanging your curly wig on a mannequin head or wing stand is the easiest method to keep it. This will aid in the maintenance of the structure and patterns of your curly wig.

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