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How To Style 2b Hair And How To Take Care Of It?

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2b hair is a glamorous hair type, and knowing how to style 2b hair and how to take care of it can help you make the most of it. In this article, we will satisfy all your curiosity about 2b hair, discuss everything about 2b hair in detail, and teach you how to style 2b hair and how to take care of it.

1. What is 2b hair?

2b hair

From the outside, 2b hair looks like s-shaped waves. It is flatter at the roots and the waves look very soft. According to Andre Walker's hair classification system theory, he breaks down the more textured types into additional subcategories. 2, 3, and 4 refer to wavy, curly, and coily hair respectively. Each type is then divided into three additional subtypes: A, B, and C. Type 2 hair lend itself to wavy textures, with 2A being the loosest of the waves and 2C looking like oversized corkscrew curls. But somewhere in between is the 2B hairstyle.

2. How to style 2b hair?

Now that we know what 2b hair is, it's time to see what hairstyles are suitable for 2b hair. Only by really combining 2b hair and styling can we really see the advantages of this hair type and find out its highlights.

2.1 Blow dry waves

Blow dry waves

2b hair has sexy and attractive curls, but the natural curls are not enough to make it look good. You need to make some changes to the original. Wash your hair first, this is the first step to any style, at least your hair can look voluminous and nice. To make a blowout dry hair with 2b hair is simple, before your hair is completely dry, take out a small amount of mousse or hair cream and rub it on your hair, this will add texture and volume to your 2b hair. The hair cream will also give your hair a more styled look, next just wait for it to blow dry naturally. This is a natural and relaxed wave texture.

2.2 Half up half down hairstyle

Half up half down hairstyle

Half up half down and 2b hair looks like the perfect match. The half up half down look needs curves to add volume and 2b hair adds a cute touch when tied up. This look will prevent hair from getting frizzy but will show off the nice waves of 2b hair. The top half of the hair is tied above the head and fingers are used to loosen the hair so that it is not so tight to the scalp and creates a voluminous look. The bottom half of the hair is draped over the back, leaving some tendrils to hang on the sides of the face for a more sophisticated look.

Half up half down hairstyle

2.3 Wavy bob hairstyles

Wavy bob hairstyles

This is the easiest and most interesting hairstyle that brings soft curls to the classic bob hair, which is the charm of a bob haircut combined with 2b hair. The bob is easy to maintain and can reduce the time you spend on your hair. If you like other colors of hair you can also choose to dye your hair, reddish brown is a great choice.

2.4 Two buns

Two buns

2b hair often has a curlier look, so make use of the curly look to make them more lively and cute. Take out two parts of your hair and curl it into two buns on either side of your head, then take out a part of your hair and use it as bangs. When dealing with the back part of your hair, remember to use a curling iron to give your 2b hair a more dreamy curved look.

chocolate brown

3. How to take care of 2b hair?

The best way to maintain 2b hair is to keep the moisture balance, only by keeping your hair well hydrated will it not become dry and frizzy.

3.1 Don't pull your hair hard

The major disadvantage of 2b hair is that it tangles easily. Because waves tend to get tangled together, any incorrect combing method can cause a lot of damage. Whether you are washing your hair or combing it, use a wide tooth comb to start from the end of your hair. Comb the knotted areas at the ends first, then comb through the roots, but do not pull apart any knotted hair with force, as this will only make your hair worse.

take care of 2b hair

3.2 Use hair care products

Products with too heavy a texture will weigh down 2b hair and make it look very greasy. 2b hair is characterized by very flat roots, making it difficult to create volume. So when using products, try to choose products with moisture as the first ingredient to ensure that it does not weigh your hair down.

hair care products

3.3 Deep Conditioning

When hair is dry and broken, it is important to take a deep conditioning and nourishing approach to hydrate your hair. You can use hair care products with natural ingredients such as shea butter or glycerin to help your hair lock in moisture and stay away from the damage caused by dryness and frizz.

Deep Conditioning

3.4 Take care of your hair

Caring for your hair is not only about doing the three things mentioned above, but it also requires you to pay attention to the care of your hair. For example, reduce the number of heat styling, blow dry your hair as much as possible, or if you have no choice, you can choose to spray a layer of heat protection spray before blow drying.

care tips for 2b hair

4. Conclusion

We hope this article has helped you to understand the nuances of 2B hair and how best to design and care for it.

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