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How To Style A Headband Wig? 9 Easiest Ways For You

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Update time : 2022-05-09 10:04:05

1. Headband Wig With Bangs

The first is the simplest and the most common headband wig hairstyle. Bangs can modify the outline of your face. You can leave some hair as your hair bangs. Leaving one or both sides of bangs is up to you. If you think the original length of the wig hair is too long, you can trim them into a satisfying length. Of course, you can use tools such as curling iron to get your favorite bangs.

headband wig with bangs

2. Half Up Half Down

Half up half down has always been popular because it has features of both natural long hair and a high ponytail. No matter what kind of headband wig you wear, such as a straight headband wig or deep wave headband wig, this hairstyle is very suitable. To get the hairstyle, you need to divide the hair into the upper and lower two parts, gather the upper half of the hair on the top of the head, tie it with a rubber band, and then comb the lower half of the hair and remove the tangles.

half up half down

3. Half Up Bun

Half-up bun is very similar to a half-up half-down hairstyle, which is different from the upper half of the hair. The upper half of the hair is gathered on the top of your head, which looks very lively and cute. You need to make the upper half of your hair into a bun, and you can decide to get a tight or loose bun according to your preferences.

half-up bun

4. A High Bun

This is also a bun hairstyle, a high bun gathers all the hair. This hairstyle is very suitable for hot summer because no extra hair will touch your skin. After all, we always sweat a lot and always feel sticky in summer. This hairstyle is also very suitable for work or housework because there will be no extra hair to block the view. It is an extremely convenient hairstyle.

high bun

5. Low Tight Ponytail

A low tight ponytail is also a very simple hairstyle. You just need to comb your hair and use a rubber band to tie all your hair. You can bring a rubber band with you. If you need it, you can remove the band and return to your long hair or tie your hair at any time.

low tight ponytail

6. Low Ponytail Tied With Scarf

This way of tying your hair is the same as a low tight ponytail, just replacing the rubber band with a silk scarf. You can choose a silk scarf of the same color as your dress, or choose any style you like to decorate your hair. This will make your hair look more gorgeous. At the same time, using a silk scarf to tie your hair will make you look more gentle.

low loose ponytail

7. Side Part Hairstyle

Side part is another very simple hairstyle. If you want to keep your long hairstyle, but you are tired of the ordinary medium hairstyle, then this hairstyle will be very suitable for you. You can choose which part your hair should be divided from. This hairstyle is perfect for sexy girls.

side part

8. Two Braids

This is a very cute hairstyle. If you want to get a lovely look through a hairstyle, you can try the two braids hairstyle. Divide your hair evenly into left and right sides and braid them. Finally, tight the braids end with a rubber band. This hairstyle is especially suitable for summer, matching all kinds of short skirts well.

two braids

9. A Low Bun With A Hat

You can wear a hat to cover the headband, and you can leave two strands of hair as bangs to increase your gentle temperament and modify your facial features. You can tie a low tight ponytail, a low bun, or do nothing. The hat can make you look cooler and is very suitable for occasions such as gymnasiums. At the same time, hats can also serve as a shade in summer, which is a very suitable decoration.

headband wig with hat

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