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How To Style The Wixie Haircut?

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Are you tired of your long hair? With the warmth of spring and summer at the turn of the year, girls are looking for a stylish short haircut and glamorous hairstyle, what exactly are the most popular short hairstyles for 2023? No matter what decade, there is a short haircut etched into the fabric of popular culture. The new hairstyle I'm going to introduce you to today is the Wixie haircut. It's shorter than the Pixie hairstyle, with more texture and fluffy edges. Read on, here's everything you need to know.

the most popular short hairstyles for 2023

What Is A Wixie Haircut?

Spring is the perfect time to change your hairstyle and get a new one. In fact, one hairstyle is making waves at the moment. The new Wixie hairstyle is of the classic Pixie and flying wing hairstyle, creating a short flying wing hairstyle with a face in the front. These hairpieces add a soft touch to the Pixie hairstyle. Strands of hair left behind at the back of the neck or around the ears create the illusion of fullness and length. This is the perfect summer cut to keep your neck cool, and it's great for girls with fine hair.

What is a Wixie haircut?

How To Style The Wixie Haircut?

The beauty of the Wixie haircut is that anyone can wear it. But if you're hesitant about chopping off your hair, a Wixie wig could be the perfect place to start. Wigs are a versatile, edgy style that can be applied to many different face shapes. The Wixie haircut is especially suitable for people with heart-shaped faces because it highlights the cheekbones and jawline.
When cutting a style like a Wixie haircut, it's best to make your stylist as clear as possible about what you're thinking. That starts with bringing a photo or two.

How to style the Wixie haircut?

If you want a natural Wixie haircut, just let your hair air dry. And then, use mousse and loose hair to create some movement. If you want something more edgy, try adding texture spray or wax to play with your hair and create an authentic look. Use a sea salt spray or a spray that creates a wave effect to accentuate the texture of your hair.

How to style the Wixie haircut?

5 Hottest Wixie Haircuts For 2023

Wixie hairstyles with short hair are suitable for girls with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces. When it comes to hair types, women with naturally wavy or curly hair will achieve a glowing image to be envied. The Wixie haircut is all about embracing your natural hair. With this new hairstyle, you'll be the most beautiful person in 2023! You will find that you will have more opportunities this summer!

5 hottest Wixie haircuts for 2023

1. Wixie Bob haircut

Do you like the 60s hairstyle? Try a Wixie Bob haircut. Ideal for those with thin hair and round faces, the Wixie Bob haircut will give you a simple, fresh, and feminine look. Shape it by adding popular bobby pins or headbands. It also looks good, combed back for a super-smooth effect.

2. Wixie haircut with bangs

Add bangs to your Wixie hairstyle to make an ultra-short cut that fits your face shape, especially if you have angular features or a strong jawline. The Wixie haircut with bangs looks good on a heart or square face, while short, blunt bangs look good on an oval shape.

3. Asymmetrical Wixie haircut

One of the most representative hairstyles is the asymmetrical Wixie haircut. The asymmetrical Wixie haircut is a cool, edgy style that is longer on one side than the other. It makes your face look slimmer and longer while drawing attention to your eyes and jawline.

4. Wixie cut faux hawk

There are many options for Wixie hairstyles, but one of the boldest is the Wixie cut faux hawk. It's an ideal option for long-haired Wixie women who want to refresh their looks without having to cut their hair short. To achieve this effect, pick up the middle section of hair while combing the sides.

5. Undercut Wixie haircut

Add a base cut to your Wixie hairstyle to give it an undercut. As a popular hairstyle for girls, the undercut Wixie haircut has a cool rebel vibe that involves shaving the lower half of your hair. For a sharp contrast, ensure your stylist grows your gremlin style long at the top so you can shape it with plenty of volume and texture.


So far, 2023 has been the year of short hair: stylish, chic, and most importantly, easy to style and maintain. People are picking up the clippers and saying goodbye to hours of hairstyling. Even celebrities are starting to embrace this simple, low-maintenance hairstyle trend. A Wixie hairstyle is essentially a winged elf with short hair but long "winglike" hair accessories to flatter the face. It is usually worn with more length at the back of the neck, similar to a bouffant hairstyle with a heavy texture. If you're ready to chop off some inches before summer, be sure not to miss the Wixie haircut.

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