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Is Wearing Wigs Embarrassing? Here's Why You're Wrong!

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Update time : 2022-07-29 10:21:04

1. Is Wearing Wigs Embarrassing?


Actually, wearing a wig is not embarrassing at all. Many people wear wigs for different reasons, such as it's health-related, to show their beauty, or so on. Wigs allow you to achieve a variety of looks with your hair that natural hair cannot. Therefore, over time, wigs have become the norm, loved by celebrities and worn every day.


2. Why Wigs Are Beneficial, NOT Embarrassing?


You may have heard people calling wig-wearers artificial and insecure but this is beyond the truth! My opinion is that it takes a lot of confidence to own your look whether it is with a wig or without one, no sign of insecurity there!

If you're not convinced that wigs aren't embarrassing, just go ahead and keep reading! 

Then, let's take a look at the benefits of wearing a wig:

2.1 Provide Natural Look


Wigs have evolved over the years, and with the advent of new technologies, they now look refined and subtle. 

People are often afraid of wearing wigs in public, but in fact, many women wear wigs every day without anyone noticing. Chances are, someone in your life will wear a wig you never thought possible!

Of course, the wig must fit the correct cap size, and the density and style of the wig must fit your natural hair. If these conditions are met, the wig will look just like your hair.


2.2 Protect Natural Hair


Wigs are beneficial because they help you protect your natural hair from heat-styling appliances. When you wear a wig, you don't have to style your natural hair as often.

Also, wigs are great for hiding annoying hair-related problems such as hair loss or baldness.

2.3 Bring Great Convenience


The most important thing about natural hair is that it requires a lot of maintenance to look normal, especially for long hair. Still, a wig is a great way to save time getting ready because you can put it on in minutes instead of hours. For example, a headband wig can save you a few minutes in the morning so you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast knowing that your hair will take less than five minutes.

2.4 Save Your Expenses


The unexpected benefit of wearing a wig is that it can save you money. That is because wearing a wig is almost always more economical in the long run. The cost of going to the salon, shampoo and conditioner, appliances, and styling tools all add up! If you take good care of your wig, it can last for years.

2.5 Become More Confident


It is well known that hair loss can be due to health conditions such as chemotherapy among cancer patients which may cause hair loss or hormonal changes. Wigs can greatly increase a person's confidence after hair loss.

3. A Group of Celebrities that Use Wigs


Celebrities are increasingly endorsing and showing their support for wigs, hair extensions and hair weaves. Because they can get compliments, praise, and applause from the public when they wear these wigs. Celebrities wearing wigs have given us plenty of classic looks at big awards shows and other ceremonies.

Take a look below at some celebrities that own their wigs:

3.1 Beyoncé



Beyoncé is known for using wigs and hairpieces to achieve her bold tour looks. She is also known for constantly changing her looks. She debuted her pixie cut in 2013, before switching to an asymmetrical cut shortly after.

3.2 Lady Gaga



Lady Gaga is known for using wigs for the expression of her creativity, uniqueness, and individuality. She wore a lot of clothes, all complemented by incredible wigs. She is no stranger to wigs and always wears them with pride.

3.3 Ariana Grande



Ariana Grande is famous for her signature ponytail! But the reason behind this expression might surprise you. She must stick to this hairstyle because her hair is too damaged! Over the years, she has had to bleach and dye her hair red on Nickelodeon shows like Victory and Sam and the Cat, but her hair is so damaged that she has no choice but to wear a wig and knit! In her most recent song, "7 Rings", she owns her image and sings, "You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it!" She proudly says her hair is bought from the store!

3.4 Dolly Parton



It's no secret that country music icon Dolly Parton wears a wig! She was pretty blunt about why she did it. She previously mentioned that her hair broke after years of coloring and grooming, which caused her to turn to wigs to achieve her bouffant style!

These are just a small group of notable wig-wearing celebrities but there are so many more: Gwen Stefani, Kylie Jenner, Ciara, and Tina Turner all wear wigs! I just mentioned a few examples here.

4. How to Build Your Wig Confidence


I know having your look and confidence is always easier said than done, but you can develop that confidence with a little time and effort with the help of a wig! You just have to take your time.

Here's how to build up your confidence when wearing a wig:

4.1 Choose a wig that is suitable for your style


Choosing a wig that looks similar to the hair you had before you started losing your hair is an easy way to feel more comfortable and confident wearing your first wig. When shopping for a wig, it helps to find some photos of hairstyles, colors, and lengths that you like. With these reference photos, it's easier to find the wigs that most closely resemble your habits.

4.2 Make your wig look more natural


You can take your wig to the barbershop and style it any way you want. Remember, wigs look most natural when natural hair isn't that perfect, so don't hesitate to play with your wig the way you want.

4.3 Get acquainted with your wig and wear it for short periods


Wear a wig when you're alone at home. Take some time to get used to it, look at yourself in the mirror, and play with it. Once you get used to wearing a wig, wear it in a quiet area near your home. In this way, you can practice wearing a wig to see people and slowly build up your self-confidence. Related videos can also be found on YouTube for exercises in fitting a wig for a more natural look.


4.4 Wear your wig to public and don't be nervous


It's normal to feel nervous when wearing a wig for the first time. It can be helpful to wear a wig and go out in public where no one knows you. Go to a cafe or a large crowded shopping mall. You'll find that no one is staring at your hair, and of course, no one will notice that you're wearing a wig. It's really convincing.

Feel free to look at the reflections in mirrors and shop windows. You might start thinking: "Wow, I love my wig. I look good in it." You'll start to feel more comfortable and confident with your surroundings.


4.5 Wear your wig with your friends and family


Remember, wearing a wig is your personal choice, it's you that want to feel comfortable with the change as well as the support of those around you. So, when you're comfortable, wear a wig in front of close friends and family who won't judge you.

However, expect that people in your life may notice a change in your appearance and may ask you about it. When someone first asks you if you've changed your hairstyle or if you're wearing a wig, you might not know how to respond—and that's okay. Anticipating these questions and having them ready to answer can help you feel more confident about choosing a wig.

4.6 Get help in time when you encounter problems


Remember, you are not alone. Every wig wearer begins their journey from where you are now. If you have any problems, concerns, or just want to vent, try joining an online support group or forum dedicated to wearing wigs. Finding community with people who share their experiences can change your overall perception of wearing a wig.

5. Conclusion


Just do your best to own your look and there's nothing awkward about wearing a wig! If someone tries to undermine your confidence by saying unkind things, just remember that they may be projecting their insecurities onto someone else.

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