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Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair, What Should You Sell For Starting Hair Business?

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Update time : 2022-03-25 10:08:32

Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair, Which One Should You Buy?

In theory, raw hair is from southeast India and is technically some of the best hair you can get in the world. Virgin Hair has been slightly processed to align cuticles or strip the cuticles of the hair. Which one is better? You're going to have to compare apples to apples, but these are not comparing apples to apples, because this is generally a much lower cost product than raw hair.


Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair, Which One Should You Sell with Hair Business?

A lot of people ask us "what should I carry for my started hair business", "should I have raw hair or should I have virgin hair" or "should I have both"? And that's actually a great question and what it really comes down to is who is your customer and then what can you afford. Now we're going to get into a little bit about whether or not you should be selling either one for your hair brand. 


1. What Type of Hair your Customers Need

So you really have to find out what's best for your customer and that's where it becomes important to know who your customer is. Not all customers are looking for the same products, so:

  • If you are marketing and have a high-end customer base, you're probably going to be better off marketing raw hair now; 

  • If you're in an area where you know cost-poor bundle the price point is a lot lower, you might be better off with virgin hair which includes curly hair bundles, wave bundles, and straight bundles.

Figure Out Prices Point Your Customer Prefer

So what you really want to do is figure out the price point at that your customers buy hair extensions. You can do surveys, polls online through social media, it makes it actually really easy to figure out what exactly your anticipated customer base is going to purchase. 


2. What Type of Hair You Can Afford

So if you ask us which one should you be selling, we would say definitely try to sell both. To figure out what's the best way to do, depending on your budget dropshipping could be an easier way to do it, but having access to a bunch of types of hair can be a huge advantage because honestly as much as everyone knows that raw hair is generally a better hair product, but not everybody can afford raw hair, so it's a good idea to offer some different options.

  • If you use a system like dropshipping, you can easily carry anything, because you don't have to hold inventory with dropshipping, that's one of the great benefits of dropshipping hair extensions.

  • But if you wanted to just buy hair wholesale and inventory it yourself, you're really going to have to figure out do you want raw hair, virgin hair, or both, but it can start getting really expensive, especially both options.

Do Hybrid Model On Both Local or Online Store

You could always do a hybrid model if you're selling where you can have an inventory of hair and drop shipping as well, that's probably some of our best and most successful clients do both of those. 

The reason being is you might stock virgin hair because locally you're selling this and it's easy for you to be able to sell it on hand the same day because you have it, and you still have the availability on your website with drop shipping a bunch of the raw hair options, so that's something you definitely need to consider.

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