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Should You Wash A New Wig Before Wearing It?

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Update time : 2021-12-31 12:49:15

Should You Wash A Wig Before Wearing It?


When you receive your human hair wigs, it will give you an illusion that the new wigs are clean and don’t need to be washed. Actually, this is a misconception. Here we responsibly tell you that you definitely cleanse your new wigs before wearing them, especially when you plan to wear them for a long time. Cleaning a wig before wearing to remove any debris left in during the manufacturing process.

Why Do You Need To Wash A New Wig Before You Wear It?

As the above mentioned, if you ask: Should you wash a wig before wearing it? Our opinion is that you should wash the wig before installing it. There are some reasons why you need to clean a new wig before installation.

1. There May Be Some Chemicals Left On The Wig.

As we all know, Although many wigs suppliers claimed their wigs are made of unprocessed hair and have no chemicals, it is kind of necessary to make the wig with the help of some chemicals. For instance, the wigs, especially human hair wigs, are usually processed by some chemicals to make the hair look good and keep the wig styled during transportation. In order to remove any chemicals left during the manufacturing process, it would be better to use proper shampoo and conditioner to wash it before wearing it, which will give you a better wearing experience.

2. There Are Sometimes Some Residual Smells.

You probably will find some residual smells when the wig is unpacked freshly out of the box. Even some suppliers will spray humectant on the hair, so there may be a little smell. So you should wash it to keep the hair healthy before you wear it.

3. It Is Not Very Safe During The Transportation.

When you received the new lace front wigs for black women, you should check and wash them before wearing them. After all, you don’t know who packed the wigs for you, who shipped the wigs for you, and what has happened during the transportation. So check your Brazilian lace front wigs after receiving them to ensure if the wigs are what you ordered. Once there is something wrong, please connect with the supplier.

Some Tips About Washing Lace Front Wigs

Like the new clothes we bought, we should wash them before wearing them. Cleaning a newly purchased wig will always make us more comfortable after being worn. 


1. Apply Shampoo And Conditioner That Are Specially Designed For Wigs

We sincerely suggest you use wig shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to clean fibers of human hair wigs or synthetic wigs gently and thoroughly. That is because regular hair care products may contain chemicals that can damage synthetic wigs so we do not recommend using regular shampoo or conditioner to wash your wigs.

2. Wash Wigs At A Proper Frequency

Determining how often to wash your wig generally depends on how often you wear it. Your wig should be washed after about 6-8 wears, or every two to three weeks. In addition, your lifestyle also plays a big part in how often your wig should be washed. If you’re around heavy smoke, perfume, or strong odors of any kind, you should wash it more often.

3. Use A Wide-toothed Comb To Brush Your Lace Front Wigs

Before Washing Before washing wigs, please use a wide-toothed comb brush with the softest bristles or your finger to comb your human hair lace front wigs from the end of the wigs, thus avoiding tangling and hair shedding.

For the curly lace front wigs and long lace front wigs, you can divide the hair into 3 parts to comb, first the end, then middle, last the top, this can prevent the shedding and tangle well.

For the short lace front bob wigs and short lace front wigs, you can comb them from top to end based on no shedding and no angle.


4. Never Apply Leave-in Conditioners Or Creams

If you use a leave-in conditioner on already-moisturized hair, it may cause your hair to look greasy and cause product buildup as wig strands are not able to absorb the moisture offered by such creams.

5. Wash Wig With Warm Water Rather Than Hot Water Or Cool Water

During the washing, wash the wig with warm water to increase the luster and volume of the wig intact. Because hot water may deform the human hair wig and make your wig lose the firmness of elasticity and cold water cannot melt the shampoo and conditioner well.

Do you want to learn more knowledge about washing wigs? 
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