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Should You Wear a Wig or Dye Your Hair While Growing Out Grey Hair?

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Update time : 2023-03-30 10:57:37

When the black hair is mixed with a grey hair, we can't help but want to pull it out. It seems that you can pretend that you never have grey hair. But the growth of grey hair is not under our control. One day our black hair will become grey. The reason why hair turns from black to grey is that the function of pigment cells of hair generally declines. When it decays to the point where it cannot produce pigment particles at all, the hair becomes completely grey. In this article, we will discuss whether you would choose to dye your hair or wear a wig when going grey.

What Age is it Normal to Grow Grey Hair? 

Normal people start from 35 years old, hair pigment cells begin to decline and then gradually expand the range, and finally the beard and nose hair also begin to turn grey. This is normal aging. But now there are also many young people who have grey hair since they are in their teens and twenties. Grey hair is not only unsightly, it affects the overall image, but also looks old. 

Should You Dye Your Hair While Growing Out Grey Hair?

Many people want to cover up their gray hair by dyeing it. But the hair dye will fade and the hair will grow, so it needs to dye the hair once every two or three months. Frequent hair dyeing for a long time will not only damage the hair and make it dry and irritable, but also cause hair loss in serious cases. The most important thing is that hair dyes do great harm to the body. Because today's hair dyes are basically made of chemicals and generally contain p-phenylenediamine. P-phenylenediamine is a colorant that must be used in hair dyes, and is internationally recognized as a carcinogen. American experts have examined 160 popular hair dyes and found that 150 of them have carcinogenic effects. In addition, the use of hair dye can also make the body immune function disorder, leading to the occurrence of lupus erythematosus. Some hair dyes can also cause allergic dermatitis, allergic conjunctivitis, etc. Experts suggest that the number of hair coloring should not exceed two times a year. Patients with hypertension, heart disease, asthma and other diseases should not dye their hair. At the same time, couples who are ready to give birth, pregnant women and lactating women are also not suitable for hair dyeing.

How to Solve the Problem of Grey Hair?

In fact, due to the image problem, you can also choose to wear a suitable wig. There are two kinds of wigs nowadays.

  • One is functional wig, which is suitable for daily wear, can effectively solve various hair problems, and will not be easily seen.

  • There is also a fashion wig, which is used by people who pursue fashion in order to change their hair style and do not need to wear it every day, so the quality requirements for wigs are not so high.

If you want to cover your grey hair, you should choose functional wigs. However, this kind of wig needs to be worn for a long time. When choosing it, we should pay attention to the breathability of the wig and the comfort of the mesh bottom. The fidelity of the appearance is also a key factor to consider. So cheap chemical fiber wigs are not considered. Different ages are suitable for different hairstyles, so when choosing wigs, you should also consider according to your age, face type, temperament, etc. For example, middle-aged and elderly people are suitable for short hair, curly hair, short hair, etc.

Younger girls are more suitable for long straight hair with bangs, wavy curls and lovely short hair. Young men can choose short, medium and short perm, texture perm, moxigan and so on. In addition, oval face is suitable for any hair style, and people with large and tall faces should never use wavy curls. If you don't know what kind of hairstyle you are suitable for, you can also have a hairdresser tailor your hairstyle for you. After all, there are many kinds of wig styles, which is really not a good choice. So how do you choose to face grey hair?

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