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Tips to Prevent Hair Damage This Summer

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Update time : 2022-07-16 09:57:47

Luckily, our MySecondHair team is here to save the day with some expert tips to prevent wig and hair damage this summer. Read on below to find out more!


Choose a Lace Wig

A lace wig is made with thin and sheer lace, making it lightweight and breathable. The air can pass through the holes in the fine lace, allowing your scalp to breathe and any sweat to dissipate. In this way, lace wigs are superior to traditional wigs which trap any heat, sweat, and oils between your head and the wig. Unfortunately, the materials and the hair will eventually soak up these liquids causing damage.


Opt for a Light Color

If you are worried about fading, or cannot stay out of the sun, you may wish to choose a lighter hair color for the summer. Blondes, honey blondes, gingers, or light browns are all excellent options to refresh your look and minimize fading. As these colors are already super light, any fade will not be as apparent as it is with black, dark brown, or cherry reds.


Wear a Scarf or Hat

A fashionable scarf or a trendy hat during the day, or at least during the hottest and sunniest parts of the day, can help prevent your hair color from fading and drying out. If you do wear your wig out in the sun, make sure you use specially formulated UV-protectant products for wigs.


Maintain That Moisture!

Summer heat and sun can dry out human hair. Since it isn't your natural hair that lubricates with oils, you need to reintroduce that moisture yourself. After washing your hair carefully, always add in a leave-in conditioner or conditioning spray made especially for wigs.


Don’t Get Wet

While your hair does need a dose of moisture, it does not need to get drenched. In fact, that could further damage your wig. It is even more important not to let salt water and chlorine in your hair as this will dry out your hair and it is almost impossible to remove without excessive shampoo and scrubbing (both are incredibly damaging).


Hang It Up

When you remove your wig before you go to sleep, hang it up on a wig holder so that it can dry out in a cool environment for a few hours. It may not reduce any build-ups (only regular washing can do that!), but it will help keep bacteria spread to a little.

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