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Top 5 Best Haircut Ideas to Make You Look Younger after 50

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The best haircuts can make you look younger because they can help create an illusion of volume, fullness, and texture in your hair, which is often associated with youthfulness. As we age, our hair can become thinner and more brittle, and our natural hair growth cycle slows down, leading to hair that looks dull and lifeless. By choosing a hairstyle that adds volume and texture to your hair, you can make it look healthier and more vibrant, which can help you appear more youthful.

In addition, certain haircuts can help frame your face and highlight your best features, which can also contribute to a more youthful appearance. For example, a bob haircut can help create the illusion of a more defined jawline, while side-swept bangs can help hide forehead wrinkles and lines. Overall, the best haircuts are those that complement your face shape, hair texture, and personal style, and make you feel confident and youthful. In this guide, we are going to give you 5 hair cutting style ideas for helping people feel fabulous after 50. 

2023 Top 5 Best Haircut Ideas to Make You Look Younger after 50

  • Best Haircut Idea 1 - Blunt Bob

Haircut Idea 1 is the blunt bob or the blunt lob, which is just a slightly longer version of the bob. This style is characterized by a strong unlayered baseline hitting at the shoulder or above. You can wear this style even all the way around without a fringe, or you can add a fringe in there or whatever fringe you want. As we age, our bodies naturally change. One of the first very noticeable physical changes that a lot of women see is their hair getting thinner because the individual hair has become thinner and the amount of hair that you have on your scalp lessens, it can result in wispy hair that can be brittle and hard to control, and also hair that just has a lot less volume in general. It's very common, that is something that makes a lot of people feel extraordinarily insecure. The reason that a blunt bob works so well for women over the age of 50 and why it's been recommended is because when we cut everything into one line, the baseline becomes very dense looking. When the baseline looks dense, the hair in turn looks super thick. Even if it's not. Thick healthy hair is a sign of youth, so it instinctively makes people assume that you are younger. I don't know

If you've ever had this experience where you saw someone from behind with super thick and luscious hair and you instantly thought that they were 20 in your brain, and then they turned around and they were clearly a more mature woman. And the reason for that is because thick hair makes your brain connected to youth. So if you find that your hair is aging, you because it's looking thin, wispy and dull, consider getting a blunt bob because that will thicken it right up and it will give you an instant facelift. 

  • Best Haircut Idea 2 - Mid-length Cut with Long Layers

This haircut, especially when done with some the face framing layers, is universally flattering no matter what your age, face shape, hair type, or even body type. The length of this cut is not short enough to widen the face out, but it's also not long enough to drag the face down or make the hair look too thin for most people. If you keep the layering light at the back and more focused at the front, depending on the hair's density, you should maintain a relatively dense baseline, but also soften the face out significantly. As we age, we lose elasticity and as a result of that, we get sagging in the neck and the jawline area and creating movement with layering there essentially contours out the face and softens any lines that we may find unflattering on ourselves. This is a great haircut. It's super easy to work with and it looks so good on everyone. 

  • Best Haircut Idea 3 - Wavy or Curly Hair

The next tip for looking gorgeous after 50 is finally picking curly hair. If you have straight hair, adding some waves or curls to your hair can help make you look younger. This style can add volume and texture to your hair, making it look fuller and more youthful.

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  • Best Haircut Idea 4 - Fringe

Adding a fringe to any haircut that you personally love, whether that is a short cut or a long cut, what a fringe does to a face is it makes it look smaller and it camouflages lines on the forehead and softens out any fine lines around the eyes if and only if cut properly. The fringe needs to be cut properly. There are so many variations of fringes that you can play with. You can make them airy and mostly see through. You can side sweep them and keep them denser. You can have them come forward more or really open up. If you do a curtain fringe like this, where opens up at the middle and gets longer, like significantly longer at the ends on the sides, you can pretty much hide all of the crow's feet at the side of the eyes. But if your fringe is too square and blunt or too short, it may be unflattering. Bangs that are strong, blunt and short draw a ton of attention right here. And these type of bangs acts as arrows pointing right at the eyes. And it can really accentuate any of the lines or puffiness in that area. That naturally happens as we get older on many, many women. Of course, if this doesn't bother you and you like this style on your face again, go for it. But that most of my clients over the age of 50 prefer a softer cut when it comes to anything. Framing the eyes or even framing the face, softness really diffuses fine lines and wrinkles

and darkness and puffiness. Strong lines bring arrows. So if there's something on your face that's making you a bit insecure, make sure that all of the lines in that area are diffused and point cut and softly blended, that will really take a lot of that attention away from those areas that maybe you're not feeling ten out of ten about. 

  • Best Haircut Idea 5 - Bixie

It's trending right now, this cut is so quick to blow dry for those who have any mobility issues and with the use of some pomades and waxes, you can make it like really super playful. You can create so much texture. It's very easy to style and it's quick to style. You can go a little longer with this and rock it as a short shag style, which is also very trendy. You can undercut one side and have it longer on top for something a little bit edgier. Or you can keep the front super long with a nice cropped back. The possibilities with this cut really are endless and you can ask your hairdresser to tailor it to suit your individual style and your face shape. 

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