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All afro hair is not the same. There are various groups your hair type can fall into depending on the look, feel and texture.

Most Black women generally have what is called the type 4 hair which is usually kinky, extremely wiry, fragile and has tight curls rather than being straight.

Type 4 hair is the driest of hair type. This is what makes it fragile. There is a general misconception about type 4 hair that it doesn’t grow long. This isn’t true. often times it looks shorter that it really is due to shrinkage and requires much more care to avoid breakage unlike other types of hair.

There 3 groups of hair type 4 hair which are
  1. Type 4A Hair
  2. Type 4B Hair
  3. Type 4C Hair

What is Type 4C Hair? How can you identify it?

Type 4C hair has no defined curl pattern. To get defined curl you have to either braid, twist or shingle through the hair strands.

Type 4C hair has shrinkage of more than 70% when it is not stretched out making it appear a lot shorter than it actually is.

 4C ranges from fine, soft, thin to coarse and densely packed hair strands and looks very similar to type 4B. The difference however between 4c and 4b is that 4c is tightly packed and has less definition.

 Of all the 4 types of hair, 4C is the most fragile and requires a lot more care. To avoid breakage, you should put protective hairstyles such as twists, braids and bun.

4C should always be protected when sleeping using silk or satin cap to protect it from breakage.

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