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What Is A Jellyfish Haircut?--5 Jellyfish Ideas

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Author : Isabella
Update time : 2023-04-03 07:44:28

From wolf cuts and butterfly locs, and skunk stripes to octopus haircuts, animal-style hairstyles are everywhere. Now another unique cut is on the rise: the jellyfish hairstyle, which is expected to still cause a sensation in 2023.

1. What Is A Jellyfish Haircut?

The jellyfish hairstyle features choppy layers with a short bob on top and longer layers below. Inspired by the "hime" (or princess) cut of the Heian period in Japan, it perfectly combines bob and long hairstyles.

2. Is A Jellyfish Haircut The Same As An Octopus Haircut?

Although both hairstyles have ocean-inspired names, the two hairstyles have nothing in common. The octopus hairstyle is a combination of shag and mullet. Layers of pieces are cut into different lengths to form the outlines of the octopus' tentacles.

jellyfish haircut VS octopus haircut

The hairstyle of the jellyfish is a half-short half-long mullet hairstyle. There are two layers that are not connected. The top layer is shorter, while the bottom layer is long and textured, with more pronounced divisions.

3. Can Anyone Get Jellyfish Hair?

Certainly. But this hairstyle actually needs a lot of volumes to get the desired effect. Adding extensions to your jellyfish hairstyle can help the "tentacles" look thick and full; you can also add ombre hair extensions to get an even and matching.

4. How To Cut The Jellyfish Hairstyle?

The haircut itself is pretty simple, but as always, I wouldn't recommend doing it at home. One wrong pat on the back, pop, and your jellyfish doesn't show up, and your bob probably won't either.

When going to the salon, be sure to ask for a defined double-layered haircut with choppy layers. Bring a photo for reference and tell them you want to keep it around and have face framing on top/front while keeping the length in the back.

5. Five Jellyfish Hairstyle Design Ideas

4.1 Bubble Braid Jellyfish Hair

Also known as the bubble ponytail, this cute hairstyle is just another Y2K trend that has resurfaced recently. You can add hair extensions to your "tentacles" to recreate the little puff braids for a youthful and playful look.

4.2 Jellyfish Hair in Ombre Colors

Another solution you can try is funky-colored hair extensions to match your every mood and try gorgeous shades in red, blue, silver or delicate shades like a dusty pink.

blonde jellyfish haircut

4.3 Jellyfish Hairstyle with Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips are a fresh and stylish must-have, and they can be the finishing touch to colorful jellyfish hairstyles.

4.4 Braided Jellyfish Hairstyle

Jellyfish hairstyles can be made entirely from thin braids. If your hair is naturally straight or just wavy, you can also incorporate micro braids into your hairstyle and add accessories like beads or strands to make it stand out even more.

4.5 Reverse Jellyfish Haircut

If you want a thick and bushy mane instead of an edgy, layered jellyfish hairstyle, all you need to do is add extra-volume hair extensions to fill the gap between your bob and your long hair, keeping the shortest parts of your hair Blend together hairstyles.


A jellyfish hairstyle is an edgy, high-fashion look designed to grab your attention. This look is a great option for anyone looking to experiment with a more playful, edgy cut.

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