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When And How To Trim Your Curly Hair?

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Signs For Curly Hair Needs Trim


Generally, Your hair will let you know when it’s time for a trim. And if you have noticed the following signs, then you should try to trim your own hair.

1. Split Ends


The split ends are the most obvious signs that you are due for a cut. There are various reasons why the ends of our hair split, for example, too much heat, not enough moisture, excessive chemical manipulation, and much more. Never ignore or set aside the split ends. Because they will not end as they split but keep splitting until your hair begins to get thinner and thinner, and consequently cause hair loss.

2. Fairy Knots


Fairy knots occur when single strands of your hair knot together and create bigger knots, which are difficult to detangle or remove. If you try to detangle it with force, the process will break your hair. Instead, grab the scissors and do yourself a favor. Not only will a trim get rid of your knots, but it will also serve as a solution to breakage.

3. Dry Hair Ends


If you are fresh out of the shower and find that your ends are drying way faster than the rest of your hair, it’s definitely time for a trim. Dry ends also manifest as tangles and frizz making it difficult to comb through your hair.

4. Much Shedding


Hair loss is very common with 50-100 hairs. But when the hair loss is excessive, that’s a good indicator that your hair is not thriving at its current length. Plus, constant shedding is also evident in hair that has endured breakage. Trimming your hair end in time can help minimize hair breakage.

How Often Should Curly Hair Be Trimmed?


Every type of hair has its own trimming timeframe. Instead of trimming much once, trim your hair less than half an inch at a time. If you are not someone who does heat styling on it most of the time, trimming it every 10 to 12 weeks is OK. If you often apply chemical relaxers or use heat tools, your curly may need to be trimmed more often. You can pay more attention to your hair ends.

To err on the side of caution, no more than half an inch should be cut to maintain your curly hair’s shape—more than half an inch could cause your ringlet to spring up, making your overall style appear shorter than it is.

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How To Trim Your Own Curly Hair At Home?


Maybe you have been tired of frequently going to a stylist, requesting a trim, and receiving a cut. If you want to cut your hair at home, that is not as easy as you imagine. Here are some tips to ensure you can do it safely and effectively.

1. Prepare The Tools


Before you trim it, make sure that you have a set of suitable tools. Investing in a good quality set of scissors is definitely worth it if you plan to regularly give yourself trims. Don’t try to use your kitchen or office scissors. Next, move to an area with good lighting and a mirror, this is necessary for you to check if you are trimming your hair in the right direction.

2. Trim You Hair 2-3 Days After Wash


Many people are confused about whether they should cut their hair when it is dry or wet. The answer is that trimming your hair 2 or 3 days after a wash is optimal because by then it’s settled into its most natural state. Besides, remember to comb your hair to let your hair fall into its natural positioning. This is how your hair will look most of the time, so it makes sense to start out with this base.

3. Trim Your Hair


Grab the sections you need to trim and stretch them outwards. Place the hair in between your index and middle fingers and begin snipping the ends. This clock method will help ensure that every section of hair gets cut evenly. You can always go back to trim more, but if you trim too much at the very beginning, you will never have the chance to go back. So take it slow and be conservative.



Trimming your hair in time is beneficial to keep the hair healthy because the dead ends will block the opportunity for new hair growth.

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