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Why Is My Wig Shedding So Much?

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Update time : 2022-02-10 14:47:45

Why Is My Wig Shedding So Much?

As we all know, shedding is completely normal for wigs, just like your natural hair. But it is deviant to shedding a lot more than usual or a lot more than expected. After all, shedding is actually permanent and the hair will never grow back. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to understand why your wig is shedding so much, thus learning how to reduce hair shedding. Here are some reasons why your wig is shedding a lot.

1. Brushing Wig When It Is Wet

There is no doubt that whether it’s from a shower or a swim, water will cause swelling on the base, thus weakening the attachment site (where the wig hair is attached to the wig base). In this case, it will make the gripping power of the hair looser and ultimately lead to shedding more than it should. Besides, your wig will be in its most vulnerable state when it is wet.

Thus, please avoid touching your hair immediately after it gets wet or combing through it right after washing it. Keep in mind that you must wait for it to be completely dry.

2. Over Brushing

In order to keep your wig from tangling, you should always regularly brush your wigs. However, excessive brushing can actually lead to more shedding. That is because wigs are fragile and with excessive brushing, brushing your wig too aggressively, or using the incorrect tools, you may end up ripping through the knots and causing breakage to the hair fibers, or pulling out strands of hair that otherwise would not have shed.

3. Not Attaching It Correctly

Although wig glues, combs, and clips can properly attach wigs to your head, they will actually cause damage to your natural hair, skin, and even the wig itself. Especially, wig glue not only can cause damage to hair or skin but also the lace of the wig when used excessively. And it even can loosen the hair attached to the lace and lead to shedding.

4. Using Wrong Products

Not only can excessive use of hair care products weigh down your wigs, but it can also cause them to shed. For example, products that are not wig-friendly are often too harsh and have high levels of alcohol in them that could dry out your wig hair too much, damage and break the hair and cause it to fall out. And if you use too much conditioner or hair oil and apply it to the roots of your wig, these oily products such as hair creams, hair oils, conditioner, and hair masks will saturate the base of the wig and can loosen the bonds resulting in excess shedding. So always use any products sparingly and with gentle care to prolong the life of your wigs.

5. Using Too Much Heat

Although the rising quality of human hair wigs has made it possible for hot styling tools to be used on them, heat can also cause hair shedding. For instance, if you wash your wig in boiling hot water or use heat tools such as hairdryers and hair straighteners on your wig, the heat from the hot water and the hair tools can damage the hair, damage and weaken the bonds and result in excess shedding. In addition, blow-drying your hair the wrong way, overdoing it, or not protecting your hair before applying heat can either overdry your hair or cause it to be brittle.


6. Sleeping With Your Wig On

When you sleep in your wig and often toss and turn in, it will produce friction between the wig and pillow that will damage the hair cuticle (protective outer layer of the hair fiber) and cause breakage and hair shedding. If the hair is long, you may ever tug at the hair and cause hair loss.

7.Trying Tight Hairstyles

If you may be used to tight ponytails, buns, or up-dos, these tight hairstyles require a lot of tugging and pulling at the hair. When the hair is pulled back too tightly, it may cause wig hair snapping and falling out.

8. Exposuring Your Wig Under The Sun

If your hair has prolonged exposure to the sun, the UV rays can damage your hair, such as discoloration, thinning, frizziness, or causing split ends or dry and brittle strands. UV (ultraviolet) light can also cause your hair to fall. What is more important, your lights at home will have the same effect. After all, fluorescent lights usually emit a small amount of UV light and could potentially cause discoloration or damage to your hair.

9. Poor Quality

If you find that none of the previous reasons apply to you, then it’s more than possible that your hair is shedding simply because of its quality. If the wig is of poor quality, it will shed more than one that’s of a higher quality. So if you’re planning on wearing your wig regularly, opt for one that’s of a higher quality so it can last as long as possible.

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