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Wig Care guide - How To Extend The Wig Can Be Used Time And What Scenes Wigs Suit For

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Update time : 2022-01-21 08:11:22
 What wig wearers need to know about wig use precautions

- Try not to approach the high temperature, because the relationship between the material wig is not high temperature (in addition to the high-temperature material for special instructions);

- Wigs can not be dyed, if you need to trim can ask a professional stylist to trim the hair;

- Combing action should be light. Wig set should be combed before use, wear a wig set slightly after combing can be. Combing wigs generally use a more sparse comb for good, combing wigs to use the oblique side combing method, not straight combing, and the action should be light; and the wig set should be light. And the action should be light;

- Do not use hair clips. To prevent the wind from wig set scraping away, some people like to use hair clips to clip the wig. But, clip hair can not be too strong. Otherwise, it is easy to hook the bad wig net cover. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips but to use a decorative hairband to fix the hair;

- In the finishing process of wearing a small amount of hair loss is normal;

- Usually do not wear it in the original packaging, when you want to take a light shake to restore the original;
- Wigs can be tied up, just can not be tied up too high or their real hair below will run out;

- The longer wig comb time to wig divided into long sections, from bottom to top comb, must be light, to have patience;

- If the wig with a long time knotted bad comb, do not pull hard, should be sprayed. On the wig special non-oil maintenance fluid. Then slowly and carefully geographic open;

- Pay attention not to spray the wig on the water, hair wax and other real hair styling agent so that the wig will become sticky;

- The use of wigs dedicated to non-oil maintenance solution (use method is also very simple: gently spray a few times on the wig before taking can be) can make the wig become soft and shiny and can prevent static electricity so that the wig has been kept moist state like just bought back when as when you bought it!

Wigs for scenes

- Cosplay
Cosplay if and when the character's hair colour, hairstyle is different, cosplayers always find wigs to help, to complete the In this way, the cosplayer is not unable to complete the role due to the limitations of hairstyle and hair colour.

- Performance
An important prop indispensable in film and television dramas, the beautiful hairstyles in Korean dramas are almost all wigs, and wigs are mostly used in costume dramas.

- Everyday beauty
With the growth of age, some people will encounter hair volume becomes less, hair loss, especially men, wigs at this time can be very
Wigs are convenient and versatile and have their advantages, and women who love beauty will choose to use wigs for a variety of looks.

- Makeup with
With the expansion of the wig market, wigs have gradually become an essential item for women with makeup.
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