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Wig Cleaning Guide - How To Clean Wigs Scientifically

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Wig cleaning steps 

1. Wig with a special comb (anti-static) will wig comb smooth.

2. Wig placed in cold water soak 5-10 minutes. Too long, the hair is easy to fall off. 

3. Hand wash, do not use the washing machine.  

4. Use two-in-one shampoo, do not scrub hard, gently scratch the hair with your hands can be. 

5. Wash with shampoo, then rinse with water.  

6. Dry towel (2-3 pieces) will wig on the water to absorb dry, never wring by hand or washing machine to dry.

7. Hang up natural air-drying, do not dry in the sun.

8. To wig dry to ninety percent, gently grasp the hair with your hands, and then wig special comb will wig smooth.

9. For the washed wig, if you do not need to wear often, should also spray a little (do not spray more) hair spray oil;. 

10. To be completely air-dried wig, with a hair net will be washed wig set, into a good breathable sealable plastic bag (bag with small round holes), if there is no such bag, you can also put it into an ordinary plastic bag, with a needle will be a few holes through the bag.

11. Washed wigs should be kept in a dry place.


The use of wig care solution

Wig care solution is used when combing the wig, specifically for the wig supporting the use of special maintenance solution. The care solution evenly sprayed on top of the wig set, and then combed with a special comb to smooth out. Wig care solution is generally best sprayed once every 2 days, before washing, first with a special comb to gently comb from top to bottom, the dust brush clean. Then put the wig into the warm water with detergent dissolved in 10 minutes and then rinse the wig gently by hand. Then rinse the wig with water and finally put it in the wig care serum for ten minutes and rinse with water. Then gently wipe with a towel to absorb the moisture, hanging in a ventilated place to let it dry naturally, and then use a curling iron to fix or blow styling.


Precautions when cleaning wigs

1. Wash the wig to use warm water, wash the wig, first put the wig in warm water (15 ~ 30 degrees better) soak for about 5 minutes, the water temperature is too hot to reduce the life of the wig. 

2. Never wash in the washing machine, washing machine strong rotation may lead to a large number of wigs fall off, or even loose.

3. Shampoo to soft, with a small amount of soft shampoo with manual scrubbing, do not force too hard, and not long soaking 

4. Natural air-drying, after washing, can not be dried in the washing machine, nor with the blow dry or put in the sun, dry towels to absorb water and natural air-drying is the most correct approach.

5. Storage wig to ventilation, wigs, although not real hair, but storage should also consider the breath ability, or residual moisture and shampoo is easy to corrode the wig.
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