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Wolf Cut: The Hottest Hair Trend Of 2022

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What Is A Wolf Cut?


A wolf cut is a heavily layered haircut that resembles a combination of the vintage shag and a slight mullet. The back of the wolf cut hairstyle is longer and the top part is shorter, which helps add volume to the hair.

What Are The Advantages Of Wolf Haircut?

1. It is low-maintenance and versatile. It can be created on all hair textures and lengths.

2. It can be achieved on your own. For example, many women have already created it themselves in the comfort of their home by tying their hair into a ponytail and cutting the ends.

3. It also lends itself well to color and can become more dramatic or subtle, depending on your preference.

4. One of the most important features of this wold cut hair is its layered and messy feel. The overall shape looks very edgy, giving people a very messy and rocky temperament. 

How To Style A Wolf Cut

There are so many ways you can style a wolf haircut, depending on your hair texture.

For those with naturally curly or wavy hair, you just need to apply some leave-in conditioner and let it air-dry for a playful and tousled look. But there is worth noticing that these hair types tend to be drier, you may want to apply a spray to help control any potential frizz.

For those with straight and fine hair, you may need the help of some additional hair products and tools to add a bit of wave and texture to your shag mullet, thus getting that tousled look.

For instance, you can use a heat tool to slightly bend your hair to give the hair added texture. Then after you've created the waves, you can add dry shampoo to add volume.


If you want to try a tousled beach look, you can comb detangler through damp hair, spritz with a sea salt spray, apply some texturizing spray, and make waves with your fingers. By doing these, you can achieve a playful, casual style.

Or you can also opt for a high-quality set of easy-to-use and very popular velcro rollers and add your own curl, which can help you effectively avoid chemicals, unpleasant odors, and heat damage.

If you are drawn to the edginess of this style, why not consider pairing it with a dramatic hue. Daring purples?Soft peaches? Or steely greys. This cut looks particularly fabulous when you use two or three colors for dimension.

You can achieve this same multi-dimensional look using two or three natural hair shades, too. After all, this cut is so heavily reliant on layering, any coloring can be done after cutting.

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