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15 Curly Hairstyles For Valentines Day

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Author : Isabella
Update time : 2022-02-10 15:24:06

Whether you have waves or coils, short or long hair, serious braiding skills or absolutely zero braiding skills whatsoever, there’s a Valentine’s Day hairstyle with your name on it, right here.

15. Flat Twist Up-Do



Braided up-dos are a classic curly hairstyle for special occasions. But what if you can’t braid? This up-do uses flat twists instead of braids, so pretty much anyone can do it. It also uses a Flexi Rod set to achieve perfectly uniform spirals. This hairstyle is great for type 3c or 4 coils.

14. Sleek And Fluffy Ponytail



This hairstyle is business in the front, party in the back. The front is effortlessly sleek, with perfectly laid edges, while the ponytail in the back is full of volume and defined curls. This hairstyle will work well for anyone with type 3 curls. Skip to 8:40 in the video for the hair tutorial!

13. Issa Rae-Inspired Up-Do



If you’ve ever seen Insecure, you’ve definitely seen Issa Rae rocking this look. She makes it look so casual, but it’s actually a cute, fancy up-do that’d be perfect for a romantic date! This look is best for short type 4 hair.

12. Sleek High Bun



Never underestimate the power of a high bun! This look is versatile enough for a variety of hair types – as long as your hair is long and curly, you can recreate this look. It’s all about two things – laying those edges down, and getting volume in the bun.

11. Front Twist Up-Do



This up-do features a Flexi Rod set on the entire back section of the hair. The front is twisted to one side, which frames the face with a cool crown effect. It’s a fun and flirty look. This hairstyle will work well for type 3 or 4 hair.

10. Crown Braid



Speaking of crown braids – yes, you can make a crown braid on curly hair! This hairstyle works great for type 2 or 3 curls – any waves or loose curls will work well. It’s versatile, too – you can braid all of your hair into the crown, or you can stop halfway and create a bun or ponytail. It’s up to you!

9. Elegant Twist-Out



Some naturalistas feel their absolute best when their hair is down, not up. If that’s you and you have type 4 hair, try this amazing twist-out technique. It’s simple, yet so gorgeous.

8. Twisted Up-Do

This up-do looks really complicated and fancy. But it’s actually not that complicated at all. You simply separate your (stretched) hair into three sections, twist each one, and then pin those twists into place to create an up-do. This is perfect for long, stretched type 4 coils.

7. Low Wispy Bun

If you have waves or very loose curls, a carefully sculpted low bun is one great option for a low-maintenance Valentine’s Day look. The key to this look is those face-framing bits of hair, which make the hairstyle understated and magical. The tutorial includes the use of a curling iron, but you can definitely skip that step and define your curls without heat if you prefer!

6. Braided Up-Do

If you’re confident in your braiding skills and don’t mind spending a bit of extra time on your hair for Valentine’s Day, this braided up-do is an amazing option. It requires you to braid the back of your hair upward, and it also requires curlers and some time under the dryer… But the end result though! So cute. This is ideal for stretched type 4 hair.

5. Half-Up-Half-Down



On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re short on time or having a lazy day, this half-up-half-down look manages to be stylish as hell without requiring much work. The secret is in the pin curls, which quickly define those frizzy bits of your hair. This hairstyle is great for type 3 hair.

4. Flat Twist with Bun

Whether you're hair curly or blown-out, try this flat twist style to add volume and texture to your hair for a soft, sleek and romantic look.

3. Date Night Pineapple


You might already be familiar with the pineapple, which is a cornerstone of many curly girls’ hair routines. It’s often used at night or after washing the hair, but a pineapple is also a hairstyle in itself! When the front is smoothed down, it looks 100% date-night-ready. This style will work best for type 3 or 4 hair.

2. Deceptively Fancy Up-Do

This hairstyle is another up-do that looks a lot fancier than it really is. The easy-to-follow tutorial uses lots of twists and bobby pins to create a look that appears very complex, but doesn’t require much special skill! This style will work great for wavy type 2 hair, or for looser curls.

1. Curlformers Up-Do

This braided up-do hairstyle is perfect for loose curls. It first uses Curl Formers to create soft, defined curls all over. Then one side of the hair is French-braided, while the other is loosely pinned into place. The result is understated yet elegant enough for dinner and drinks.

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