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25 Photos That Will Make You Want Curly Bangs

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Update time : 2022-02-10 15:04:07

1. Curly Baby Bangs


Baby bangs are all about the face! If you have super tight or coily curls this is an excellent option that highlights the fringe and lets you grow out your bangs.

2. Windswept Fringe


Windswept bangs are all about the finer details of carefully styling each curl as it lays across your forehead.

3. Layered Bangs


Layers are a great way to warm up the face and give definition to your curls. If you aren’t ready to go for a short or blunt bang style this is a safe option.

4. Curly Short Hair With Bangs


If you already have short hair then you are halfway home with this style. Bangs naturally compliment shorter hairstyles because your cut is already tailored to your face shape, your stylist does the rest.

5. Spiral Bangs


Spiral bangs are an excellent way to not only elevate your curly style but give you face framing layers. These fun, bouncy bangs are perfect for loose or tight curls.

6. Ringlets


If you love to sport ringlets then this is a great bang style to consider since it accents your natural pattern.

7. Fluffy Bangs


Fluffed up bangs are always great to make them look more voluminous and textured.

8. Seamless Layers 


Layers can always bring life to limp curls and provide additional texture to your cut.

9. Curly Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs are perfect for people with square or angular face shapes. They are wispy, effortless, and are all about accenting your texture.

10. Sculptural Shape


One of the great perks of curly and coily hair is the amazing shapes you can create with an expert cut. This silhouette with short bangs in the front is no exception 

11. Mid-Length Shag With Shorter Bangs


Mid-length shags with shorter bangs are a staple of the curly bangs collection because it frames the face and allows for a textured shape across the forehead.

12. Face Framing Bangs


Sporting short hair always helps to compliment your bangs because a shorter style frames your face.

13. Side Fringe



If you prefer to have your bangs adorn your face, side swept bangs are perfect to manage instead of cutting straight across.

14. Side Swept Bangs


You can combine layers with a side swept look that will makes your curls full of definition and voluminous.

15. Wispy Fringe


If you love volume then this is the style for you! The wispy fringe has plenty of layers which enhances the volume and gives additional movement to your overall style.

16. Micro Spirals


If you have a tighter or coily texture, rocking spiraled bangs can help with day to day maintenance and look good wet or dry.

17. Long Bangs


If you’re looking for big, fluffy curls, rocking long bangs can give you volume, balance, and shape.

18. Barely There Bangs


The bangs that are so tiny, you just might miss them. These are not for the faint of heart and basically entail wispy curls that lay along your forehead.

19. French Bob Bangs


Our original baby bang queen Sophia Roe cut her long, signature curls into a short angled bob and gave us a new shape to aspire to.

20. Curly Shag


The shag is a classic style that compliments any bang style because it keeps the curls out of the face and brings lift and life to long hair.

21. Textured Bangs


When you have a full head of curls, sometimes it’s time to get choppy. Textured bangs are easy to manage between washes and a fun way to showcase definition.

22. Super Size Curls


Volume is everything when it comes to bangs and you can style yours to be big and bold while blending into your natural cut.

23. Braided Bangs


If you’re rocking a protective style and have been considering braids, look no further, it’s a very achievable look. 

24. Wavy Curtain Bangs


If you’re a curly that loves the idea of bangs but dreads having them in your face this is a great bang style that separates the curls so they adorn your style.

25. Curly Bangs on Short Natural Hair


Bangs can give lift and definition to every curl pattern from Type 2 to Type 4. If you don't mind the maintenance of regular trims, this is a fun cut that everyone should try at least once!

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