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150 VS. 180 VS. 200 Density Wigs, Which One Is Best?

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Update time : 2023-03-29 11:48:08

As the quest for beauty continues, more and more women are choosing to create a stylish appearance with wigs, and as a result, wigs are becoming increasingly popular. However, finding a wig that suits your needs can be a huge challenge. Wig density is one of the most important factors when buying a wig. But many women are unable to choose between 150%, 180%, and 200% density wigs. In today's article, we'll give you an overview of how they differ before to help you better choose the right wig density for you.

What Is Wig Density?

hair density chart

Wig density refers to the number of hairs on the wig and how closely the hair strands are arranged on the wig cap. It is usually measured in terms of the number of hair strands per square inch. Wig densities range from very light (50% density or less) to very heavy (200% density or higher).

A higher wig density means more hair on the wig, so the thicker and fuller the wig looks. A lower wig density means less hair on the wig, resulting in a more natural, lighter look.

How To Choose The Right Wig Density?

After reading this content, you must have a question: how can I choose the right wig density for me? Next, we will tell you what factors you should consider before picking the right wig density. Keep reading for more information.

1. Face shape

face shape_1

Your face shape is one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a wig density. If you have a small face, a dense wig may cover your features and look unnatural. if you have a larger face, a denser wig can help balance your features and create a more symmetrical look.

2. Your natural hair density

Your natural hair density is also one of the major factors you should consider. If you want your wig to blend in with your hair for a particularly natural look, then evaluating your wig density is essential. If you have thinning hair and you choose a higher wig, your look will look unnatural. So if you want your natural look, choose a wig density that matches your natural hair density.

3. Consider the texture of the wig

wig texture

With the development and progress of wig technology, there are more and more textures of wigs, for example, kinky curly wigs, straight wigs, body wave wigs, loose wave wigs, and so on. Curly textured wigs will appear fuller than straight hair at the same density. Therefore, when choosing a wig that suits you, you also need to consider the texture of the wig.

4. Budget

The density of the wig varies and the price will vary accordingly. Higher-density wigs are usually more expensive than lower-density wigs due to the amount of hair sewn into the wig cap. Please consider your budget when choosing the right density for your needs.

5. Occasion

The occasion or event you intend to wear the wig for is also a factor to consider. If you are looking for a wig for everyday use, a low-density wig may be better suited for extended wear. A higher-density wig can make you look more glamorous and striking if you are looking for a wig for a formal event.

150 VS. 180 VS. 200 Density Wig, Which One Is Best?


Everyone's preferences and needs are different. So it is difficult for us to judge which wig with 150%, 180%, and 200% density is the best. If you want a wig that is comfortable to wear and takes good care of, then the 150-density wig is an excellent choice; if you want your appearance to be fuller and more voluminous, then the 180%-density wig is perfect for you; the 200-density wigs are custom made for you if you want to make your look a bit more glamorous. In a word, what suits you is the best.

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