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Can You Wear A Wig With A Hat?

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Update time : 2022-02-02 16:30:17

Why You Should Wear A Wig With A Hat?

In fact, wearing a hat over your lace front wig is very beneficial for several reasons:

1. Sun Protection

When the weather is very hot, wearing a sun hat is a must for protecting your skin from harmful UV radiation, especially a UPF sun hat. Besides, a sun hat will also protect the wig itself from fading during prolonged sun exposure.

2. Add Extra Warmth

Whether you wear a wig or not, a hat is a great accessory to keep you warm in colder months. If you live in a cooler climate, a wig alone might not be enough to keep your head warm in winter. In this case, why not consider pairing your wig with a knit cap or fleece beanie to stay cozy and warm during the snowy season?

3. Keep Wig From Smelling

As we all know, just like our clothes, human hair wigs tend to retain smells and elements from the outside environment quite easily. cooking and smoking can be very harmful to wigs. Like tobacco, smoke, dust, and even some things like incense and air fresheners all tend to seep into our hair and even blend together, thus making your wig have a bad smell. It could be the reason your wigs have a weird or bad smell, too. To protect your wig from an unhappy fate, please wear a slouchy beanie over your wig.

4. Stylish

As a great accessory to your outfit, a hat can give you a stylish and cool look. For instance, try a baseball hat with your casual outfits, simple dresses, and sneakers and you may be surprised how much you love the look. Or, pair your beret-style beanie with some glamorous Hollywood wig curls to add some flair to a nighttime look. Of course, you can wear hats with HD lace wigs and add some loose pigtails in your favorite long human hair wig to show off both your long loose hair and your elegant beanie.

How To Wear A Wig Over A Wig

It’s a fact of life that wearing a hat on top of your wig can be a conundrum. For example, wearing a hat on a wig can make you itchy or sweaty and make you feel very uncomfortable. Even in the wintertime, your wig will sometimes make you feel hot and itchy. Now, with the following tips, you can wear a wig with your favorite hat stylishly and comfortably.

1. Choose The Proper Types Of Hats


Some Hats made of thick, heavy materials will only make you warmer in the summer. Therefore, choose some hats made from a lightweight material, such as linen baseball caps, basket-woven floppy hats, and so on, which can stop you from overheating in summer.


There is no denying that Many swank, sophisticated hats do not offer extra space like snoods or beanies. Take an example of winter hats, especially those made of wool, which are the total culprit when it comes to providing no extra space. To ensure hats can fit over your wig, we definitely recommend going up a hat size. Or you can choose some on-trend slouchy hats. Snoods, sun hats, any loose hats are extremely suitable for wig wearers as they can add extra room and do not squish your hair against your scalp.

It is also a good option for you to buy winter hats a size larger than your normal size so that they can fit loosely and are easier to take off.


2. Be Sure To Secure Your Wig And Hat

Before placing a hat on your wig, please take some measures to ensure your wig fits snuggly against your scalp. Don't forget to wear a wig cap that gives you the security that your wig is securely attached and won’t move or slip around when wearing a hat. If a wig cap isn’t for you, wig tape also has the same effect and secures your wig to your scalp. You can adjust the elastic band or use wig tape, wig grip to keep your wig attached to your scalp. Thus, we recommend using a cushion band or velour wig gripper for extra security!

3. Softly And Securely Wear Your Hat

For extra peace of mind, you can use hairpins to secure the hat tightly into place, too. In addition, when wearing a hat over your wig, please lightly placed it on top of the wig. And be sure not to tug harshly down on the hat to avoid the wig slip or moving around.

When it comes to how to wear a hat over a wig, nothing is better to try different angles. For example, you can wear a hat pulled further down and close to your ears for warmth. Alternatively, you can try wearing the hat at an upwards angle towards the back of your head to show the front of your wig.

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