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Why You Shouldn't Touch Black Girl's Hair

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Author : Isabella
Update time : 2022-02-07 12:53:07

Why You Shouldn’t Touch Black Girl’s Hair

Whether we are thick hair or curls hair, don’t touch it! It takes time to rectify it, invest in certain products to make it smooth, or the work that others have invested is sacred. Black women have been using our hair to make more than just a fashion statement. This is also a political statement and a way of spreading confidence. In the early stages of civilization. Black women will have wild hairstyles to show their identity and make statements about their curriculum. When African Americans were brought to the United States in the slave trade, they were forced to “whiten” their hair.

I mean they are forced to cover up their culture and adopt a more American way of life. In the 2000s, this natural appearance became more prominent in the fashion world. However, most black women still feel that natural hair is not beautiful. So they are very fond of hair extensions and wigs. Let the beauty go one step further. Don’t touch the black girl’s hair, one is due to ethnic respect, and the other is that it took me a few hours to do the hair extension, and what I really want is to be considered beautiful.




Black women’s hair is the most flexible, and black women are now main force to pull the economy. Hair extension industry is a more than billion-dollar industry which includes products, weaves, and wigs that can enable African-American women to change up their styles at a whim. Tons of websites, blogs, books and videos about natural hair exist to educate those desiring to “go natural” hairstyle. More and more black women are willing to share their own hair videos, whether they are their own hair or hair extension. Their confidence is a position to show their beauty and confidence to the world.

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