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Curly Wig Maintenance Guide - How To Untangle, Style, Wash, Care For Curly Human Hair Wigs?

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Special care must be taken to keep these curly hair wigs in excellent condition for as long as possible because of their uniqueness. As a result, they're in need of more hydration and nutrition. Listed here are the tasks that must be completed as part of their upkeep:

1 - How To Detangle the Curly Wig?

Untangle your curly wig very regularly, unravel as needed. If you wear your wig every day and sleep with it (reminder: we do not advise you to sleep with a wig if you can), a daily untangling will be necessary. Otherwise it can be every two, three days.
Curly Human Hair Wig Detangling Tips
Untangle section by section starting at the bottom and then going up. Insist on the bottom of the hair as well as at the level of the neck, which is more prone to friction and which gets tangled easily. The detangling is done first with the fingers and then by means of a comb with wide teeth and detangling brush like this one. Untangle on dry hair, insist on areas of friction such as the neck.  Do not hesitate to moisten the hair (with a moisturizing, detangling, revitalizing spray or water) to facilitate detangling.

2 - How To Style The Curly Wig?

Moisten the hair with a spray to moisturize and style it. Moisture reforms the curls. To fix them you need a special cream or foam loop so that they hold once the hair is dry.
If moistening the hair is not enough to restore your curls, twist them with your fingers so that they return to their original shapes. Adapt the size of the work sections to the size of the loops and the desired effect. Small sections of hair to define tight curls, longer sections for looser curls or ripples.

3 - How To Wash Your Curly Wig?

Products such as foams, creams, skincare, serums, oils that you use on a daily basis suffocate and weigh down the hair. They no longer loop and will get tangled. It is for this reason that washing the wig is essential. Be sure to untangle well before washing, insisting on the roots. If the hair is not untangled, washing will accentuate the knots and it is the disaster assured!
Shampoo Products To Be Used For Washing Curly Wigs
Wash once a week if you wear your wig every day and sleep with it. Otherwise wash it every 2 to 4 weeks. For washing, use:
  • - A mild shampoo without sulfate, without paraben so as not to damage the hair.
  • - A conditioner to untangle the fiber.
  • - A mask to feed the wig. Leave on for 15-30 minutes. You can use the Avanti silicone mix mask or the aroma-zone mask.

4 - How To Dry and Untangle the Curly Wig After Washing?

After rinsing, blot your hair prosthesis gently in a towel. Untangle the wig with your fingers to position the hair the way you want. Apply linen gel to redefine your curls. If cabbage smells don't bother you too much (they go away quickly), broccoli oil is effective and light in limiting frizz. Rework the curls if necessary with your detangling brush and hands. When you like the result, let it air dry. It is possible to use a hairdryer set to cold air. The warm air will swell the hair.

5 - How To Restore Shine To Curly Hair Wigs?

Does the hair on your wig look rough? They lack shine and seem to get tangled more easily? Apply a small amount of coconut oil to the lengths. It will sheath the hair and protect it with lauric acid. A lighter vegetable oil like jojoba can work wonders on this type of hair.
Your curly wig now has beautiful, well-defined curls. To go further in the maintenance of your wig, you can consult our articles on coloring or ways to revive your hair prosthesis.
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