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How To Wash & Maintain Your Wigs In A Right Way

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How To Wash Your Wigs?

Step 1: usually our hair needs to be combed with a comb, so before cleaning the wig, we also need to use a comb to comb it first! Wigs made of real hair are very realistic. They are real hair, so we must use a wide tooth comb to comb them. It is recommended to comb from the end of the hair, first comb the knotted part of the end of the hair, and then comb it up slowly.

Step 2: then take out a basin of warm water, do not use hot water Oh, otherwise it will damage the wig, after all, the wig made of real hair is more special, will cause the wig hair quality to become dry and no luster. After hot water, put the wig in and get wet, then squeeze some shampoo into the palm of your hand and rub the foam.

Step 3: after shampoo is frothing, apply to wet wig, then gently press and rub the wig with your fingers, rinse with warm water for about ten minutes. If your wig isn't very dirty, just wash it once. If it's very dirty and has been kept for a long time, it's suggested to clean it again!

Step 4: in order to make the quality of the wig better, it is recommended to use conditioner! The effect of conditioner is very obvious, especially for the wig made of real hair, it can protect the wig. After washing the shampoo, apply conditioner to the wig and wait five minutes to wash it off.

Step 5: the wig made by real hair is not very different from real hair, which needs more careful care than ordinary wigs. After washing the wig, do not use the hair dryer to dry the wig. It is better to put it in a ventilated place and let it dry naturally. If the wig made of real hair is blown by a hairdryer, it is easy to damage the hair quality and shorten the life of the wig.

Tips: it's better not to wash wigs made of real hair too frequently. In the case of wearing wigs every day, you can wash them every other week or two in summer! In winter, it is recommended to clean once a month or half a month.

How To Maintain Your Wigs?

1. Don't fold: when you don't need to wear a wig, you'd better hang it up and don't fold it! Otherwise, it will lead to wig deformation, and even the appearance of fold marks, which will greatly affect the aesthetic feeling when wearing such wigs.

2. Can't pull: the wig can't be pulled too much, otherwise, the wig will drop seriously over time. Usually in the wearing time must be careful to wear, wear a few times to start! Practice makes perfect!

3. Try to avoid exposure to the sun and rain: wigs are different from real hair, after all, even if they are made of real hair, they are "sticky". Therefore, it's best to avoid exposure to the sun and rain when wearing wigs, and spray gel water on wigs when necessary.

4. Don't use your own hairpin. In order to prevent the wind from blowing away the wig cover, some people like to clip their wigs with their own hairpins. However, the clip is used for the net cover which is easy to hook the wig. Therefore, the best use of professional wig hairpin, also can use decorative hairband on the wig to fix the wig.

5. The use of special wig maintenance liquid (the method of use is also very simple: spray it on the wig a few times before wearing) can make the wig smooth and bright, prevent static electricity, and keep the wig moist all the time!

6. Avoid frequent ironing and dyeing. Some wigs can be ironed and dyed repeatedly according to the needs, but just like human natural hair, frequent ironing and dyeing will damage the hair quality. After ironing and dyeing, it is also recommended to use professional care products for maintenance, so that the wig shape is more beautiful and can be used for a longer time.
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