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Hair Business Guide For Beginner: How To Get Your First Hair Sale?

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Top 10 Hair Marketing Tips To Get Your First Sale

Are you struggling to get your first hair sale? Yes, the first sale is always the hardest when you start your hair business, you think your friends and family are going to be the first ones buying from you, and then you're disappointed that they're not, so you're going to have to work extra hard to get that first sale, but the good news is once you learn how to get the first sale, it generally gets a little bit easier to get your second, third, and fourth hair sale, and then to the moon with your hair sales. So let's go over 10 tips from Hair Business Blueprint you need to be following to get your first and more hair sales!

1. Make Professional Press Releases 

The press release is generally a professionally written document or page that is sent out to all the news sources and it can generally help get you some news or press this can get extra traffic to your website. The goal of the press release is to help get some social proof for your website and receive some extra visitors to your website from third-party sources, and hopefully get your first hair sale.

2. Affiliate Hair Marketing With Influencers

Now you may be good at sales, get some affiliate influencers to help market your hair brand, you can also use a plug-in or a Shopify plug-in application. You know WordPress, Shopify, all these companies have these where you can actually get a plug-in for your website and start building up your affiliate network, this is very common. How amazon really grew through the moon with their sales as they had tens of thousands and probably even millions of affiliates to help promote Amazon products even people on youtube still do it today. You can do the same similar thing with your hair website, there's a lot of programs that make it easy to set this up.  You can usually reach out to the software provider for the affiliate system to make sure that you have everything set up properly, pay your affiliates keep them happy, and keep those sales going.

3. Sell Hair Wholesale to Other Companies or Hair Stylists

Wholesale can be a great way to get your first hair sale or many more, but there are a few things that you do need to consider. Generally, you're going to have to have a bunch of products on hand, so you're going to have to have the funds for that, that can be okay for some not for others, as a lot of people utilize hair dropshipping,still in their business. And you have to understand the profit margins are going to be very slim because the person you're selling it to at the end of the day needs to sell it and make a profit as well. That's not to discourage you to sell hair wholesale.but those are just a few things to take into consideration, but though you get lower profit, you're building that relationship with that hairstylist and they'll probably be many more sales to come.

4. Build Up a Networking with New People

Networking still works, you should go out and let more new people get to know your hair business and even invite others to join you. Have hair business cards and hand out them,  you have to let go of the fear of talking to people when you are a business owner. You have a stack of business cards in your purse and as you're walking through the mall, you see someone wearing hair extensions, you can give them a card. 

5. Do Some Hair Giveaways

Giveaways still work very well in any product promoting, because everybody loves free stuff. The easiest place that most people like to do giveaways is generally going to be on Instagram right now and probably for quite some time, so you can do a giveaway like sending out some human hair bundles or a lace wig, all you have to do is tag a few friends and it kind of creates this chain of people looking to possibly win this giveaway. It's a great way to get your brand out there, getting people over to your website and a little bit more attention to your brand in front of people.

6. Create a Hair Website

If you want a sale, you'd better create a beautiful and professional website, make sure that you are getting opinions on your website from non-friends and family members, so they can give you an honest opinion. If you have things flying all over or if you're sleeping, and someone wants to buy hair right, make sure you have a website you can send them to.  Just be really particular and understand that a website does take a long time to make really successful, but you're just trying to go for your first sale and to do so you've got to have something clean beautiful and professional.

7. Setup Social Networks

Set up your social networks and get your brand out there. Make sure that you're putting content on a bunch of different platforms (such as Tiktok, Youtube, Ins, etc.) because you never know when something's going to go viral or get tons of attention or shared which is going to easily drive your first hair sale and probably many more.

8. Pop Up Events

Another great way to get your first hair sale is doing a pop of a pop-up event, you can either create your own pop-up event and get a vendor, or just a little bit easier - be part of a pop-up event, where you already have someone that creates this event that already has a following that can get a crowd of people to one place and hopefully purchase from you. 

9. Build Email List

Email is still so important to drive traffic and sales to your business, it's as simple as posting something on social media that links over to possibly a blog post, within that blog post it might be the five hair care tips but then you might have a call to action that says "this article has the five favorite hair care tips but guess what download this article and get five more bonus tips", and then you collect an email address. Following up with customers with email is really simple to do, you can use a company like MailChimp that can get you up to 2000 users for free to send emails to, there's plenty of ways to get people to be part of your email list and start building up the traffic. You have to build up your relationship with the potential customers and clients by providing information about using your products instead of only asking them to buy. 

10. Reply on Your Friends and Family

Though it's very hard to get your friends and family to buy and you might have to give them a big discount, sometimes you have to do what you're going to do to get that first hair sale. Hopefully if it's a friend or family you can work out something where you're going to give them a discount, they will promise to post it on social media which you can reuse for your social media, so it looks like you are actually selling the product, so people will be more excited to do business with you. Make sure they leave a review on your website with the photo, that's proof that they used your product, this is a sometimes great way depending on how much support you have from your friends and family but it definitely does work.

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